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Monday, 10 April 2017

     The Four Susans  project is a year-long, multi-media, 
 work-in-process farrago, spawned by the espresso-fooled sprawl 
             to be found everywhere-yet-nowhere
        ( which is  a-bit-longer-than-a-year-long )

         All of this work be the (de)construct of
              The Discombobulates of Kelostemy Inn
  creators of and collaborators with&within the developing fable of                     The Four Susans

      Now if that make sense, you really haven't read it yet, 
      least not properly. And you will be wondering whether 
      it has anything at all to do with Antonio Vivaldi.
      Well ! brace yourself peeps,'cos there's not just  
      The Luton Wind  a-huffin' but The Vivaldi Wind to boot, 
         blown from The Bridge of Sighs to Kelostemy Inn,
                in the shape of a Giro' sister;
                     one of Tony's 'girls'
            As the drama unfold, we recommend that 
             !you 'ang on to yer Italianate 'ats

           And that's not hanging onto 500 cappellos
                          !     ! 
                     but ONE cappello  
                         500 times

Thursday, 6 April 2017

                                                                                         ( synopsis )

     Sleeping through winter's
                       bewitching beat, by the dead
                                                         Susan ?Ynnit's bed:
                                               The kook and the nanny;
                                  Sikment Loyne (prof),
     Kolee ?Ynnit (ms),  of course,
     known to Susan ?Y
                         as  Bitchy   -   crotchety  ma
                                                    & grandma  ?why not
                                               As for dad:  Wayne Wax,
                Scratchy,  crook unquestionably, 
     outsider too,
     flail provider
             who crack life out of Susan ?Y.
                                                      Kolee?   Well ! he try

                 Butt she    with Susan Giro spirit
                 form sistership    !   and sail on it



Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Shivering and frozen,
we cross the smorgered snow
in biting windspill,
running to and fro
to stamp our stinging feet.
We choke on bitter pill
of fire-tease appeasement,
as remote to us
as soaked outsiders  still.
And when we end up
arse over tit, we crack up,
just like the ice will
if we dilly-dally so.
!Homeward go, hard hearts,
with north wind bloodchill

For seeping through nook and cranny
be     Winter's     niagrous      timpani.

                                                             SOL KITENMYNE

                                                                      taken from
                                                                               Winter Sonnet   ( A. Vivaldi)

So peeps  I guess what we need to say to you  be  2-fold   tbph

Firstly, that  @  00.00.01  precisely  on  Friday, April 7 - KeyDate no. 17  of  64 KeyDates of 2017 -
at a second past midnite on that stoopidly early Friday am,  exactly 4 months after  K?Y(ms)  met with Sik Loyne(prof)   to discuss  familiar grapevine scandelabra   ? remember,  a meeting which itself was exactly  4 months after  NationalSistersDay 2016  ( in fact ), which saw the first appearance(s) of various  by Susan Giro,
and  exactly 4 months  before  NSD 2017,  which is likely to see (a) further appearance(s)  by the sa(i)d  SG  .   .       .
@ 00.00.01  precisely you will be directed  by  KOO  to a new site  ( Kelostemy Inn ) for the purpose
of the telling of the  story of   
?!?  okay

that some of you
- ! and you'll know who you are -
are   no longer welcome in  KelostemyInn ,
at least  that is  if you continue to go by your old  discredited names
rather than by  NEW  names  appropriate to  TheDiscombobulationOfKelostemyInn
there you have it

RhineRik Baumeister
Chav 'n Daze
Pastor Henry Frog
Jean Hackman
Yurgen Kinsman
Susan Tinny
Kolee Wax
Wayne Wax
Susan ?Ynnit,
you've had 17 seasons or more to sort your name out,

!sort it out