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Thursday, 31 August 2017


                                              See      TUESDAY  AUG 29


                                                                                                  LENIN'S KEY M.O.T  /
                                                                                                                                                            KOMEN YELTSIN

                                                                                                                                               The Discombobs of K.I


Wednesday, 30 August 2017


 -    So ?!  Kelostemy Inn has 289 districts   You're having a fucking larf  aren't?you ,  
        Ms ?Ynnit

 -     It's very straightforward!, Professor    Seventeen squared.   Always thus was.

-     ?And what names are we to know them by then ,  these districts

-     Well their  original names  were changed of course.   So, for example :

                             ORIG NAME                                NEW NAME

                        Eaglestone                 Min/Nim  Eyklstone

                     Tongwell                      Slo-Tyme Nekin

                 Bradwell Abbey                 Ye Silent Monk

                    Monkston                      Stone ! My Nikel

                   Heelands                      Nnyk  Slimetoe

                  Two Mile Ash                  Miles Keynnto' & 
                                                       The Oke'nnElm Sity

                    Wymbush                         Onen Mesyklit

                   Fishermead                      K. Minnteysole

                 Conniburrow                     Ey-list Konmen

              TinkerBloo Bridge               Meletonin Sky

               Stacey Bushes            Elmoke Stinny

           Willen (Lake)          Yen T Monileks   

           Springfield            Synn Koilmeet

            Kents Hill            Moley's in Kent

           Stantonbury            Knit'en Soylem

           Fuller Slade           Lenk Emtinoys

            Brinklow                Lo-Stink Meeny

 -    Perfectly fine I'm sure.  Seventeen examples   !hmm(M)m
       Tho' what about? the other 272, I wonder

 -    O!h that's straightforward enough. You see each and every district
       squares itself;  into some sort of mathematical submission.


 -    Seventeen  districts  composed of  seventeen  departments.
        Like the French.  Butt not like the French   if you get me drift.
       !O(h)  keep up  Professor, please

 -   And how ?! might they be identified might one ask,
       these district-departments,  these  johnlewis-begat-johnlewises


 -   289 names  ?Ms ?Ynnit

  -   Well again, straightforward enough.  To give you a precise example :
      Ye Silent Monk 2    then   Y S M 3     5     7     11     13     17     etc/etal

 -   A prime example indeed, Ms. ?Ynnit


 -   Well  Stone ! My Nikel

 -   Yes,  that too.



    Dear   IRELAND

             ! See   yesterday's  post


                                      OLEY  ME'TIN(n)KS          ( x )


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

   Dear    UKRAINE 

  talk  to   us         


Friday, 25 August 2017


          (s)he  hang  head  in  shame                         with  hi-koos
                                  butt  ex-plane
                                    in       bro  ken              japanoose

    SIK                                                KEN                               KOL
    KOL                                                                                      KEN                                                  SIK

    -                          ! do not forsake me           in    silence
                   butt drinke   four  Sake'
                                                                         to    suche  absinthe




                    Absinthe make the Fart grow stronger

     I could say that people were so pissed when I assumed power
     that by the time they'd sobered up it was too late.
     The truth of the matter is, however, that power is borne of Money.
     I come from Money:
     Money that has no scrooples about how It has been acoomalated;
     and I've gone on to acoomalate even more Money with just as few
                          DonaldTrump's batman
                                                           speaking for


                                        !Robin' bastard


           -    ?!  Why  can't  we  have  wings                                          to fly
                                                  why  we not sanitary towels  
                                                                                                      why             ?


           -    So  what? you think, Professor .   I wrote it after a bad dream  about  Susan.


           -    It's a haiku,  naturally.     

          -    Well  tbph  it's not the most traditional haiku I've ever heard. 
                 But it's got  17  beats at least, I'll give you that.   
                 And I must be the first person to hear it, ?hmm

          -    Yes.    After my new therapist,  of course.




Wednesday, 23 August 2017



    SL:   So ?!wots all this about tryin' to fundraise for  the project ( THE 4 SUSANS ) 
             with a UB40-stylee karaoke

 K?Y:   Well, Sikment, UB40  are Japanese  and karaoke originated in Birmingham, 
             so it all fits neatly together really like a glove   s  t  s

    SL:    Your sure ? about that


   SL:   Well, in that case, i'd like to be one 
            of the first to volunteer my services.
            I'm a bit-of-a-UB40 nut as it goes

K?Y:   Yes. We all remember only too well your moist sad rendition of  ! RedRedWhine

   SL:   O(h)! yes   tho'  that should read  RedRedWINE  naturally       lol

K?Y:   No it shouldn't  !  Don't forget, Sik, we've all heard you sing  ( lol ).



                                                                                                              P.C. Riojas
                                                                                                                          Sainsbury PortaPlod
                                                                                                                          Campbell Alley
                                                                                                 (name & address withheld )

Thursday, 17 August 2017

     !   ?     WHATS IT ALL ABOUT,  SIK   !          ?                             (  2 )

   Dear Professor Loyne ( name & address withheld ) 

 My understanding of THE FOUR SUSANS project and the four   constraints put on the four sets of muso-composers and,  consequentially, the four sets  of viz-artistes, is as follows:

 The musicians were asked to work within four given criteria 
 - see Koo, Aug 12                
 Taking these conditions into account, and placing them within a  pseudo-math frame, we formulated four further butt 
 appropriately-related constraints within which the visual artists  would operate.
  - see Koo, Aug 12  also.

 In a nutshell, this is what I have construed from all that  schamuddle:

 There will be  4 artists
each of whom will have  to create one piece of work

and each artist will be given a compass point, a temperament and
an element as their own references, but(t) all share the season of Winter. (This is because of where we are now in the story, in the year, in the project.) These (compass point, temperament, element and winter)can be reflected in the work  however the artist may choose.  eg North =compass point; temperament=Choleric; element= Fire; Season=Winter

There will be 4 components to the work.

1. The Variable component of the artist's work will include reference to Vivaldi and the work of one other 4Susans visual artist
and it will embrace form and content.
eg  Vivaldi and Artist North (for Oken Metylsin)

2&3.Two further components, an 'Easy' and a 'Difficult'
one expresses Form, the other Content;  
one 5 & 7; the other 17;
one 'temperament', the other 'element'
one the artist may find 'easy' the other 'difficult'.
eg the artist may choose something/a technique or style that he/she
finds 'easy', and express 5 and 7 within that, and the given temperament using Form.
Therefore leaving the Content part of the component to embrace 17,
and given element and what the artist may consider as difficult to depict.

4.'Constant' component.
 WINTER;this also embraces both Form and Content.

So, as I understand it, be it correct or not, is like this;

If that aint it, in a fair sized nutshell, then I dunno wtf's goin on!!!



Kolee Me'Tin(n)ks


?  !         WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT,  SIK  ?               !                            ( 1 )


   SL :     I'm writing to you, Ms ?Ynnit, because I'm so well aware of the 
              present confusion  surrounding  The Four Susans'  farango;
              i.e. the nature of the imposed  FOUR VISUAL CONSTRAINTS
              in relation to  the previous  FOUR MUSICAL CONSTRAINTS.

 K?Y :

   SL :    So I thought this-hole-kaboodle might need some  elaboration.


 K?Y :  


    SL:    So, anyhoo,  here goes:
             ?!What's it all mean, Kolee, eh?

             Seriously,  I mean  ' ?what's it all mean'



  K?Y :  


Saturday, 12 August 2017

                    THE  FOUR  SUSANS   FARAN-GO


                                             AN ORIGINAL & SEASONAL  SUSAN  :

    1.  Three shifting, musical references to be considered in turn by each of the four                        ensembles.

   2.   Each original, seasonal composition will last  17  mins in total, constituting three                    movements of either  5  or  7  minutes duration.

   3.   The numbers  5  and  7  to play a key part in the four musical compositions.

   4.   Each ensemble will begin their composition at their appropriate solstice/equinox
         and pass their completed work to the subsequent ensemble at the next

                                                               NOSTLIKEYMEN /




                                           AN ORIGINAL  AND SEASONAL SUSAN .
              These constraints refer to the component parts 
                of the SOLE piece created by each vis-artist.
                    The challenge for the artist be to create 
                           ONE whole work that embody 
                             diversely-constrained parts. 

    1.           a  VARIABLE  component
              This to take into account the artist's personal  compass point, 
              Vivaldi,  and the work of ONE other of  The 4S  viz-artistes

              It will embrace both  Form  &  Content

2. & 3.    EASY  &  DIFFICULT   components
              One of these to emphasise  Form,    the other  Content
              One  to  reference  5  &  7 ,      the other   17
              One to pay heed to to the approp. element,   
                      the other to the approp. temperament
              One may be  "easy"  for the artist,   the other  "difficult"

   4.          a  CONSTANT   component
              Given season  =   Winter
             ( beginning & end of story )

              To embrace both  Form  &  Content

                                                       The Discombob(s) of Kelostemy Inn /                                                         Silent Monkey /
                                                                                                              Kernel Leo Nitemynks 


Wednesday, 9 August 2017


                                                     The Juggler vain   struggle   to master the artery


                                                                                            MOE & EMO LITENSKYN

                                                                                          !   WOTS ? THE POINTE

                                  if  constrainte  not  satisfiede 

                                                                                             at  given  pointe

   it  is  infeasible

                                tho'  not  satisfyinge constrainte  
                                                                                              at  any  pointe
   be  unfeasible

                                              Rustle Crow / Smokey Linnet
                                                                                                                               Baron Cohen-Satchelbrat


Monday, 7 August 2017




                                              Charles, Burl & Terry Ives
                                                                         The Unanswered Christian


     Deer CBT Ives,
     Thanks for submiting your review of The 4 Susans Farrango,
     @ Centrala-in-Birmingham, yesterday,Monday,
     Unfortunetly its literally not realy up our street,
     and/or to the quality demanded by most of my many publications,      so we won't be able to use it this time,
     So !thanks butt !!no 
     thanks anyhoo 


            Rupert Murdock


        Dear Mr Morduck,

            !Try this for size, please

               Review of  Four Susans  farrango, Monday, August 7, Centrala, 


                    Tosspriks off the street
         could have done better                    than this load of old cobblers


              Very best wishes,

      CBT Ives


     FAO: Mydeer  CBT Ives

     Well   !G'day cobber 
     DoubleLOL !no bother

         M x