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Saturday, 30 March 2013

                       31 / 3 / 13   /   1 / 4 / 13 :   the storey unfold
                                                       ( from      more songs about buildings & Koo )    
                                                                                                                              Jean Hackman / Koostalkinghead

Okay, so  let's keep this simple,  ?shall we 
15 months or so ago  -   see  Thoughts of Koo, Dec18, 2011 -    The PapalKonklave of Kelostemy Inn  
-  that's me jeanHackman,  Pasta(Pastor) Henry Frog,  the doc  etal. -    we put our Heads together
2try2 put an end to the  ''croak-and-dagger'  wor(l)d of the Cloth :    ! No more corruptery-criminalizey-cockmongery,  let's say . .. !   Let's welcome in  instead   an era of  Transparency,  where churches
the world over could come clean;  so smoke&mirrors  be consigned to the past.
In this groove  (and using Tabloids for fuel )  we light a fire     .   ...   and wait        .   .. .        .     and wait
 . ..  crickle-crackle/mirrorcracked/sun down/sun  back  . .  we wait   15 months  for the black smoke to turn
white,  and for the new pope's name to b emblazoned across wispy-winteryspring skies  . .
As  ISEKLEEN  -  note the name! -  as  ISEKLEEN  slushed to its soggy-froze end      and    KOILKLEEN
emerge from its slumba, we (theKonklave) had simplified-nay-purified  not just Faith  but  The Seasons  2boot
Thereby giving back to  Righteousbelief  the wings usurped by the devilAngel             .
Accordingly  a bird,  a suitably-sooted  bird  would be cullspared, and,  lulled  by  the  law  of the  lord ,
therein  aloud2fly.
Thus,  in advising that the nextbigthing/new pope be a bird -  *  and please note  that we do not refer here  to  no
                                                              -  see     ThoughtsofKoo, 2012
..  (thus) ..   in advising that the new/next popething be a bird,  we had sought the advice of
The Palindromic GoodooG   who, in InfiniteWisdom,  introduce  initially the bird K -  that is  the bird  KooK   ..  followed by  the  bird OO  . . finally settling on the next best thing,    the bird  Koo         a pigeon .
     ( a white dove  (unnamed) was put forward  temporarily  but  ultimately turned down  due  to its association 
       with jonathanKing)
So   because Faith  was now all above bored  (that is  stinkinglyclean-fundametallyfair-whiterthanwhite )
-  and all about bird -  we decided   deliberately   to set Koo  a challenge:
   A task, ruse, trick (implied ) ;  a little white lie  (which)  supply falsehood and,  more,  downright Untruth   .        
           (H)ere  palindromic GoodooG  welcome its sis-kin, anagramikDogoGoo which had Kelostemy Inn
  stuffed full of weezy-wannabee poets -  ill-conceived, ill-starred, ill-mannered       or  just  plain  ill,
butt all of whom felt  K.I. in their bones, eg.  IN MY SKELETON ...SMOKEY LINNET    etc.etc.  .  ..     .
And ?what was the blag(s) played out on the bird  ?!                       This/These :
                              Koo told by The Doc  one year left to live      -   RUSE
                                       TheEndOfTheWorld  is   Nye                         -   RUSE
                                       Capitalism crisis / Fascism by stealth          -   RUSE
                                       Allen Kar (ChattyMan),  rustleBrand,
                                       jimdavidson  win joint-Baftas  for their
                                       new triplecomedyact: The Neo 3 Stooges      -  RUSE
                                      SymonKleenit abandon Britain'sGotTalons
                                      in disgrace  after an illisit affair with
                                      ...  and  The Holy !SI'' !   runs a riddle:
                                     Q ?: What is the difference betwixt
                                              illicit            and                    illegal
                                     A! :  illicit   is   against the law
                                                           is      a sick bird                              -  RUSE
                                     kim jong-IL did not die from avian flu 
                                     but because she had been exposed
                                     masquerading as a venture capitalist              -  RUSE
                                     Rolf Harris misses Koo's beheading
                                     and this b all down,  sport,  to   RH's
                                     desire2spend ( more ) time with His
                                     favorite marsoopials                                           -  ROOS
                                     as  (the)Kammerleg  shockingly   split
                                     Waynerooney-joeybartoN  take up 
                                     joint roll  of  kultureSecretary/ies                  -  ? !! ?
                            !?  Whose story r we about2hear . ..
                                     is about to unfold . . as    aYearintheLoafof 
                                     told thro the vehicle of jeanhackman
                                     but  in the capacity of  HisHoohoohooliness
                                                                             ( thePope )   . ! .. ?       -  KOOs




Friday, 29 March 2013

            31 . 3.  13                                                                                            

                                                                                                  ( " parce  mihi  domine")

 .. ..   oblivious of the dangers  of / to  TheSprungEquisox ,
                                    Pastor/Pasta Henry Frog regale all matching footwear everywhere
  with  tails of  Pope Koo's  journey  from
                                                               PARCE  MIHI  DOMINE
                                                                MI  DOMINIMOD  IM
                                                                                                             Les Minytoken
                                                                                                        The Complisit-Kommunity of KoilKleen, nr StokeOnTrent

                                                                                                                        31 / 3 / 13

   Eve of Koilkleen    speek out  .. to the Nation  .. to the World  ..                            Weld )
                                              on the subject of  PastaHenryFrog ,
                                                                                                      Jean Hackman
      and just what it B 2 be Eve
             how the aspex of  Eve is   pervious to the    Palindromic Goodoog          (as previous)
  and      what it mean 2have2 bear the wait of expectation( )  from the complicit-community of  Koilkleen

     Eve of Koilkleen :  ( dismay)   !?   Why on Earth, Tim, would you wish to have me compromised by the  
                                                         complicit-community  of   Koilkleen                            ?       !
     Tim Slonkynee   :               You !really don't  know   ??
     Eve of Koilkleen :               Yes  .              ...               .
     Tim Slonkynee  :               ... It's because you cant  . . .   or won't  .  . meat up to the wait of 
                                                        expectation()       etc..
     Eve of Koilkleen :              I see.         Well,  at least I will always remember you with a defined sense of gratitude ..
     Tim Slonkynee   :  (discombobulay)     .. ...                 I see     .         .. ....   Oh    .       And!  ?:how  could  that  possibly  B     
       Eve of Koilkleen :                   You forget    Tim ;              I've - heard - you - sing         !

                                             re(t)port  by        SteelyMinnok

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

                     31.3.13 :  Eve of KoilKleen

On the Eve of Koilkleen, 10 days(or so )into
'False Spring', Pastor Henry Frog warn us about
the dangers of  Pagan-hoohaa/theSprungEquisox

and JEAN HACKMAN recap on the last 15 months( or so)  
and talk to us about palindromic goodoog,   
the PapalKonklave of Kelostemy Inn,
the ruse behind the  election of Pope Koo,
the new pope's inaugural address,
and other matters related                  or   not

(1) palindromic goodoog  ( Palindromic GoodooG )

    In a year lasting 4 quarters -  KoilKleen     SolKleen       SleetKleen          IseKleen  
    The Community require something of substance to bind it together .
    This is PalindromicGoodooG, the benevolence present in Faith that see us through the 
    bad times and in2 better times   .  
    PG, with its associated  handbook  The BibbiB,  has central characters who may be both    
    unfamiliar and yet strangely familiar  .. .    MarkraM   ...   Luk e kuL    . .  Pau'l'uaP    .. . 
    and the head of honcho:  Je SuS eJ ; who was strolling along quite nicely (if a tad intense)
    until denounced by parents for being ..       illegitimate  .  .   (and )  .. .   black
    leading to arrest through a primitive  Sus law
    It is to PG's credit - and more the Faith which encompass it - that  borrowing
    characters and story from other religion(s)  deemeth not to dampsquib  its  DominimoD

Thursday, 21 March 2013

                                      popeKoo  dig  the dirt  in  inaugural  shindigaroo
                                                                                                                                 in  a(d)dress  to  the  world:
-  in which Vivaldi 
mind  The Wired Sisters
and give Frankie Valley  a peace of his meet
(  !/ ?    or is it the other way round)  

        when Antonio Vivaldi  ( TheRedPriest)  was on the cusp of writing his next big number,  one of his
   dear friends said to him :  
                    Tony,  ?would it be true that this upcoming piece is your  1,723rd work
                    ... or would ? it also  - and equally - be true that this be your one and only work,  done  1,723 times  . .  
  TheRedPriest  paid little or no heed to this remark, his attention being directed elsewhere at the time:
  Namely,  the 2 Giro girls, Anna & Susan,  a.k.a   The Wired Sisters  -   named thus due to their membership of an underground, 
  music magazine,  or  or on account of their proclivity for a certain, sexual fantasy knocking around the Papal konklave  
  at that time.
  If it is the case that AV  tended to seek the company of the Giro sisters even more than that of  Benny-the-pope,
  who was then somewhat younger than He is now. ... .   it may also be a given, conversely, that  this  interest
  was somewhat half-hearted, to say the least.   In that  oh-oh-antonio's whole heart fly towards Anna   
  and none ( O)  of his heart  wend in the direction of Susan.  
  Vivaldi,  a Man of Math(s) - some would even label him a   post-renaissance-polymath  for being able to educate his parrot 
  in the rigours of  trigonometry, thus extending parrot vocabulary beyond the typical parrot greeting of :
                            ! where on earth do you get off    
                    feeding me on fucking 
                       triangles ?hmm
                                       instead  of  avokados  which I 
                                           genuinely    vitally
                                                quest ?   ! 
  Which was curiously ironic in so much as AV never really got a true measure of triangles,  
  well those pertaining to matters of  TheHeart,  at any rate                 
 (though indeed neither Anna nor Susan could have been consciously aware of this    ?! )       
  Still  TheRedPriest   even more    a Man-of-Averages     worked out that a full heart  plus a no-heart actually batted out  
  as    an    interest       half-hearted . . ..
  Not that this is any consolation to Susan Giro, of course,  because she love    her Antonio   - ! oh-oh  irony    again   -
  with all her heart             in that kinda unrequited way   that lead to soo much pain   (for her)
  since  AV's  true love  be Susan's sister, Anna       Oh!Anna            In point of fact  he can scarcely resist her.     .       ....     

So,  ?what happen 300 years ago  when a young woman fall in love with a famous musician   without reciprocation ?             !
Well, in this instance, The Red Priest's utter disinterest in susan giro  gutted her so much that she doubled    tripled    
quadrupled in size : !  .. .
                                    damn !! that  Mantuan Manburger .. 
                                       that venetian ice cream   . . 
                                . ..   that mean  susan  
                                                       make  2Susans   
                                                       make  3Susans           make  FOUR SUSANS
            ( in the blanking of an eye)  .  ..                      if you get me drift        !?
                                                                                                                      AV :  Doing The Four Susans
                                                                                                                                                                             (date withheld )



       Well, I suppose I was as surprised as anyone really when it happened.    I mean we - the whole world that is - we were on kinderhooks waiting for the result .. .    They'd bussed out all of the kids from the compound - they were worried about them
 not being able to keep a secret, I think -  and the popes were all gathered in their conclave ..
 .. We were just waiting for the white smoke to puff out of the Chapel .. and then it happened   ..
  .. god !? did it happen  .. I mean the smoke had bellowed into  a shape of a body .. a naked man plainly ..
 and  the world held its collective breath  .. and I .. we all realised the naked man was  ME !!  ME    for christsake  ..   !  Hmmm   ..
                          Keith Chegwin Cheggers plays Pope 

                                            butt  if only ?!  PyotrTchaikovsky had  just  one  iota  of femininity  . . ...  
             the letter scene in 
                  Eugene  Onegin                  reduce
                                                                   red-blooded  males                                   to    tears
                                                                                                              and  to   drink                        such that
one gin so-swiftly-give-in 
                                              to   two      three            four gin
                                                                                  &      fourgin             forge    fourskin  
                                                                                                                                              as men  weep   away
                                                        the   pain   in   womans   words
Les minytoken
      ole&leo Nitemynks
                   Oli semen Kynt              
                                    The Welcome Home!Hero Huhne Committee
                                     The Aitken-Archer Rehabilitation Centre
                                    Airport Way


           le dormeur du val                                  (  rimbaud          trans..  )

         A river sing,  chasm-green,
           and wildly cling to the sedge rags 
           silvering;  where the sun, steeped
           in crag pride, spew its small-valley rays.

           A young soldier, bare in mouth and skull,
           bathe nape hair in fresh, blue watercress.
           He sleep;  grass-borne, stretched under open sky,
           growing pale in bed green and light-flecked.

           Asleep, with gladioli feet.    A smile
           meted out by a sick child.  He nap awhile,
           lulled by the warmth of Nature;  he is cold.

           His nostrils refrain from flare of scent.
           Asleep in the sun,  his hand on his chest;
           still.    On his right side, two red holes.

                                                                          monty le sinke :  Val's dormobile
                                                                           son of rimbaud

                   Drive  to  Cardigan  in  camper.
        So! cold.                                                Blue peter.
                                      She warm it up.
                                                                                        VALERIE BORZOV
                                                                                                                                                                       vivaldi antonio

  in a whip-round for J.S.Bach,  ?! is the audience doomed to cough up 
                                                             Thro' her many   springs
                      summers          autumns           and     winters
                                                                             she had coughed  not !  once ;
               refraining thus
                              until                   at a  ripe  old  age
                                                                                     at  a  Bach recital
                                         she  cough her heart out
      from first note                                                                                  to last
 and                          in  deference   to       Art
                                                                                                       even    drew   a fart 
     ( lucky! tho'     that                        in      the         intervals
                                                                                                                      she  desist.)
    Monteleny Sik
        SilentMonkey                    Tony Vivaldi                                            slim keynnote
                                                               Toni Skylemen
                                                                             donna Summers                 Mike&Bernie winters

                    no ifs or butts ;      more a matter of when

     Spring.          Weather        shittier.
                       Weathergirl  smile.   Prettier.
                                                                                           So    I   shot     her.

                                                                                                    MICHAEL & WANDA FISH
                                                                                                                                                     ANDY WARHOL

   .  .......
                         !   and Anna Giro  tell Antonio Vivaldi  exactly what's what



    the card read   !Giromancing is not dead
                                                                               the flowers looked healthy
                                               it must be said
                                                                         yellow daffodils  not yet faded
               perfect   but   for     the plastic    that  had melted
   in the extreme heat                                                             of  a  one-bar    fire 
                                          not  very  electrocute
    butt  all  they could    perspire                             to
                                                                                                     they were lovers
it was true                           but        it had taken  a  while                           to come through:
    in the yop scheme of things it seemed   an    age;     like   the-time-from-signing-on
                                                                                      the  time   you  get            paid 

                 (    etal            ..          etal      )

                                                                                               steely minnok ( the Weld bank)
                                                                                  the Marx bros.