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Saturday, 24 March 2012

                                                                                                              3rd Day of Spring
8.  World Capitalism undergoes yet another (this time ! terminal) crisis.
9.  The Kammerleg quit as political leader, quipping:
      It's so easy not to care when no-one has actually voted for you 
10. PHF achieves Ubermensch status and Master of the Big Society,
      becoming known in many circles as  Jeremy Clarkson with a 2CV.
11. We're all jumping up and down at the news.
12. HOL Y ! SKUNK  sink into a quag of frogspeak as Sikment Loyne
      gives PHF free rein to vent his spawn and rent his spleen by assaulting
      as many minorities as possible.
      PHF'S columns - a big twat in a SmallPond - dominate  HOL Y ! SKUNK.
13. We're all jumping up and down at the news.
14. As a result of his repeated insults, The Frog  finds himself 
      knee deep . . knee-deep . . kneedeep   in personal lawsuits. 
15. World Capitalism suffers its latest (this ! time terminal) crisis.
16. PHF's capacity  to be everywhere yet nowhere  means that by the time
      Spring actually wings in, The Frog Spring  is literally in full swing.
      A bit before its time, of course, but this is Pastor Henry Frog we're talking about!
                                                                                                    Prof Tiny Klonesme
                                                                                                       2nd Day of Spring
Thanks, Doc.  
In a nutshell then ...    mid Feb onwards . . .
1.  England left managerless.
2. List of candidates for managerial vacancy whittled down to four:
      Kolee ?Ynnit (ms.)          Yikes!         Pastor Henry Frog         Jean Hackman
3. Hackman discounted on account of controversy surrounding 
     her new book: Knit One  Purl's a Singer : How an Elkie Brooks hand-knit ran the FA
4. ?Ynnit flops at interview where her only communication with the FA panel
      is to chant incessantly    !Muzzy Izzet muffed it   !innit?
5.  !Yikes bows out gratefully when it's revealed that he used to play in goal for
      a Midlands' club and that he has an unnatural bent for amphibians.
6.  Pastor Henry Frog appointed Manager of England.
7.  We're all jumping up and down at the news.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

                   OPEN LETTER  (to Koo)                                 First Day of Spring, 2012
So, Koo, you're probably wondering again where the last month has gone, and why I'm not here to address 
those thorny issues with you in person, such as what  The Frog Spring is all about,  and why taxi drivers 
always have their arms folded, even when settling their fares, even when driving ?who cares
The point is this: You passed through your  flugel state, into a  bugle state, into a  bagel state.
And when one eats the amount of bagels that you have stuffed recently, then the appetite for life 
becomes diminished.  Time stops.  World news (always a matter of opinion and taste) becomes rusted 
fractures of non-events.                  Weld   news.    
When such can be viewed only through the lens or less than perfect prism of a fleeing press 
-  HOL Y ! SKUNK -  is it any wonder? that the rag is flagged, debagged, then stacked where only 
the privileged few can use it for whatever lowly purposes they deem fit.
But I leave it to more eminent people than I to explain the significance of all of this.
                                                                                                                             The Doc

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

              HOL Y ! SKUNK          tuesday, march 20th
          THE FROG SPRING:
report by Abu Qatada
                frog fit fabio skin
      snow gone        !lo sun is shinin;
       winter done                spring in
                               SONNEY & NONSEY KLIMET
                   MOTSYN-LINEKE  /  LINEKE-MOTSYN