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Thursday, 29 November 2012

   ...    and the cracking of the secret code    . .  etc    etc ..

KH:  So, Doc..  I'm all ears..
DOC:  Hmmm ..  well, the loadbearingcodebearing pigeons  eh?!   .  ..
          Now there was ONE pigeon that was the standard-bearer of all the flying birds, if you like
KH:  Oh ..   ? what was it called  ..
DOC:  BrianHenryLeveson  . .  Oh I don't know ..  JulianAssange    probably  ..
           O ! Stone the crows  .. It was a bleedin' carrierpigeonhomingpigeondomesticatedrockpigeon
           for christ ..       oh ! sorry ..      I didn't..              I ..
          Anyoo  this pigeon ..
KH:    ..   HenryAssange .. ?!
DOC:  ... Yes ..  HA .. let's say ..  ha  ha   . .  This bird carried the primary message,  that was a constant.
         Used as a morale-booster if you like..   okay ? ..   HA's message to the world, now decoded  ..
KH:  ..  By  the  UsualSuspects  ... ?   ?
DOC:  Yes .. of course . .. this message reads ( apparently) :
                                                                                                                                                     we will be victorious
KH :  Oh!                                           So that was successful then !/
DOC: Hmm.!!
KH:  Doc ?
DOC:  Yeah
KH: ...Small thing really  but   if this tubthumpin'message was in code ... and could only be interpreted by  
           experienced      skilled       sophisticated
DOC:   oh do get on    !
KH:      ..  codebreakers ..    which kinda  rules out the fascists  ..  and our boys, our ordinary boys 
          wouldn't be able to read it        so ?didnt the propaganda purpose of it   somewhat     lose  its   
          .. erm  . .      significance       ?
DOC: Hmm !     !      Anyhoo,  if I can carry on  .. Koo ?..   HA's fight for freedom and an unshackled
          press would face many a danger   . .   ........
KH:  Nazi guns ?
DOC:  Well, Ecuadorian poison laboratories, more like  .. and a Chinese laundry in Limehouse  kept mysteriously popping up     !
KH:    ?/       ?
DOC:  ... Hmm .!.  an unshackled press  you see
KH:  Oh  I see.

                   Believing  is  Seeing
                       LEVESON VISION
                                  OF DEEP SUSPICION

                KLOSET ENNYMI
                SEENIM KLOTYN
                BOB MONKHOUSE


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

   ...      !  and the cracking of the secret code revealing the scribbled message lying in a container hanging around the neck of a (dead) pigeon
                        which has been flying in and out of war zones (1939-45)      ?    . . . .         ?!

KOO'S HEAD :  I've got a bit of a bone to pick with you!,  Doc
DOC :                Oh really.   What have I done exactly ?  
KOO'S HEAD :  Well, a while ago  TheUsualSuspects  made it abundantly clear that they've cracked 
             the pigeon code
DOC :                 Yes.  It was only yesterday actually.  It just seems longer.
KOO'S HEAD :  So why didn't you publish on it ? ..Or at least let us know what the hell is going on..! 
DOC :                Look, KH, I don't have sole editorial discretion, y'know .. It's not   . ..
KOO'S HEAD :  So . .? .. who are they, these Suspects  who are making that claim  ?
DOC :                Well, the usual . . everybody at  The (Kelostemy) Inn .. y'know .. 
             from Eeks to ?Ynnit.
KOO'S HEAD : I see.  And you say they've cracked the coded message(s) ?  . ..  ..
             So what do these messages tell us, then ?
DOC :        Aah ! That's where it gets interesting. . . I can tell you more tomorrow.


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

              Somewhere in Serbia  .  .    some time past    . . ..
Radovan Karadzic :     So Slob, here's the thing :  When they try to have us for   Crimes Against Humanity
                                    - ! and they will  -  you play the  nutter   card, okay ? ..
                                    I play the  shrink  card.   and in so doing we slay any accusations of butchery 
                                    aimed against us ..   and  we,  my friend,  are   off    the      hook           !   
Slobodan Milolsevic :  But  ...
RAD :                        Thus !  bow to the Master
SLOB :                       Butt  ..
RAD :                        ..  The Austrian Master  .  .  in Austria     . ..   .   in Germany   . .     of course!
SLOB :                       But  .  .       ..
RAD :                        ...  OH    !    You know  .  YoungFreud  ..  OldFreud  . .    YoungFrankenstein  . .
                                   OldDracul .. Oh, ?who cares  ! really   .. but the chaplinmoustache, yes,  that's cool!
SLOB :                      Butt   .... 
RAD :                       Look !  No more  buts,  arsehole !!     . .   You know.


                                                                                                         KLOSET ENNYMI
                                                                                                                           by special arrangement of RadovanKaradzic


          NikGriffin        toothbrush-moustached
                                                          jump high-speed train:
                                                                                              !   No  platform for Fascists

                                                          jump high-heeled shoes :
                                                                                                 No  platforms 4  fascists

                                                         jump high sex-house:
                                                                                                                                No  flatporn for Fascists      !

    Kitenn Mosley                                                                                  

                                                    radovan & slobodan
         Nek-Nit Mosley                                                
               Kenni T Mosley                                                         ChattyMan  & ChattyVan

                                   basil brush


      under grey skies     under four eyes  :   adolf hitler  and  heinrich himmler meet to chat about life          and death

It is lateAutumn, 1941.    Adolf and Heinrich fall together again in a 1-1 parlay,  to discuss what they have been discussing
since a first tete-a-tete back in early Spring.
Adolf now refers to these 1-1's, rather cleverly, as  . .  (a) meeting(s) ..  under four eyes

HEINRICH:  So we meet again, Adolf,  . .  under four eyes.     Haha  ! Clever                
                      I see it :  Under four eyes . .  because we are 1-1, hence 2 men, thus 4 eyes between us ..
                      (and not all our parts are so evenly matched ) ..  haha ..  ! hmm .. and as they  fall under our four eyes,
                     so all our thoughts and ideas, all our plans possible and performed,  are to be scrutinised by you ..
                    .  .  and I  alone ..    ?yes  !     Brilliant.
ADOLF :     .    ..   Hmmmph      !!     Not exactly,  no 

Oh   !   Adolf 1  Heinrich 0        Body parts notwithstanding.
But we'll return to their conversation in due course.
For now, let us consider what exactly is the stuff of their parlay  . ..
Well, the subject under discussion at the beginning of Spring, just as now in the last throes of  Fall  is,  of course, 
  !  ?   Well,  excuse me  for stating the blindingly obvious,  but is that not rather a self-evident truth  ? . .
. .  THE       FINAL      SOLUTION ...  ?      If a  solution  is  not  final,  then it's no real solution,  surely   
Or maybe the Nazi Plan is full of  not-quite-final  solutions,  or final  not-quite-solutions   where they blow hot and cold on a whim or will   at the same time  on different ideas  running opposite ways  along parallel lines     which is, so to speak, a contradiction in therms     which is nothing if not lacking in Clarity     which is, after all, the bedrock of Fascism. 
And speaking of  contradiction, what ? are we to make of the wonder of Wagner, the beauty of Beethoven, the kraft of Klinsman   being the food on which barbarians nourish . .    ?!  . . . 

HEINRICH:  So,  Adolf ...  may I ask  what are we to make of the wonder of Wagner,  the beauty of Beethoven, the  .. .
ADOLF :      !Ssshhh  !  LISTEN  . .    Oh   !  OH  !   OH  ..     DasRheingold ..   ?dare we bear to think  of  DasRheingold
                     despoiled  by dem ears of   dose barbarians    !?!      Oh  
HEINRICH:   Yes .    .         No  . . 
ADOLF :       So who's going on top ?
HEINRICH:  What   ?
ADOLF :      Oh, it's got to be me, I think ..  no?   ..  You see,  I put my glasses on ..  and then you will be   
                    under 4eyes
HEINRICH:  No ..  .    Yes   . .   Butt  . .But  .. I ..I  wear glasses more .. more often than  .. you..    And in public   too ..
                    So why not ..  why not me on top ..    I mean  ..   then you ..   you   will  be    under  4eyes  .  .   !   ?
ADOLF :      Hmmph   !  ? and who's the Fuhrer here,  U  barbarianbastard   !      haha   haha    ( lol )     
                   Well  we can alternate,  hmmm  ..  .  take it in turns.
HEINRICH: Then we can both be  .. 
ADOLF :      Sshh  !!   ENOUGH

What follows here is not for sore eyes, four eyes, or any eyes really     Eyes that might be disillusioned,  or use
What they see to spread confusion   to lay spurious accusations  at  the gates of  Nazism    
What follows here is  illicit   and   immoral
What follows here has been scrubbed from the anals of  FascistImmortality  

                                                                                    ....         (c)oooohh        . . .......!!..........     (c)aawww  .   .   ...             .   . . 

 ..    ..  mm mmmm m       . .  !      !   ... 
                                      . . .............             . . .......     ?/              ..   that wood b luvvly   . .             

                                                                                                                                            Yik Mentelson

                                                                                        THIS IS THE PIGEON

The pigeon (above) is identified as a  WW II  carrier-pigeon, and has been found after all these years, somewhat worse for wear.
Still strapped around its body is a cannister containing a coded message. 
The code is proving impossible to crack.

        Let's not beat about the bush here !   ! The pigeon was flying in and out of war zones, for god's sake
Of course, the missions always carried extreme danger. 
But the pigeon had no choice at the end of the day, really  . ..
..    I suppose if you want to call it a   cooeycide mission,  then so be it.   It probably was.
But as to whether we're perpetrators of  caawww! crimes,  well, that's an entirely different matter,  surely  ?!
That's a whole other story . ..   !? isn't it 
                                                                               Lt.  Kimy  Nonsee 

                                        THIS IS THE CODED MESSAGE

!!  YEEESSSSS . ..
                    CRACKED IT !    ! !

                                    The Usual Suspects

Monday, 26 November 2012

            WALKIE  TORK/E

 Michael Tork/e
                               run savage soundscapes
                                                         alongside silent cinema,
                                                                                               though when propositioned 
                                                                                         to throw something at  talkies ,
                                                                         Tork/e                                                       walkie .

   Sineme T. Lokyn ;     Mo  Silent  Yenk ;   Mikel E. Sonnyt

                                                                ? how about a greengage with an   e                    ?
       Michael York run autumn
                 in disengagement 
                               from a greengage summer.
                                        Hot Susannah  !      .  .  .
                      Like 3-bar chocolate.
     Not Michael     !                      York        ! NOT York/e.

                       LOKYN / SONNYT

Sunday, 25 November 2012

FAO :  Mr. Nigel Farrago
            Leader of  UKIP

Dear Mr. Farrago

Look, first of all.
There's been a bit of a bother about me fostering kids, you know?,  since I joined  UKIP  that is  . ..
And then the Socialservices  (in their finite wisdom )  decide to take my kids away on the grounds of them being 
 'ethnic'  -  well,  Poles actually  -  and  the SS have told me it's because I belong to a  "racist"  party
(UKIP)  ..  and now, apparently, they  ( SS) won't touch me with a barge      innit.
Well, Mr. Farrago,  this is all a crock of you-know-what.  Okay, so  it was made a bit worse last  weekend when
I attended a meeting and marching through The Park  with the  EDL   !?
Now I know what you'r thinking,  but let me stop you right there !   No, I haven't been slugging it out 
with a band of thugs  !!
The EDL  to which I belong  is   The English Dogging League/Lead   ( LOL )   which is an umbrella organisation 
of a network of support groups for all people(s)  who have undergone a  ' bad ' dogging experience      innit .   
MY  EDL  is certainly not,  nor has ever been , racist.  Trust me, if you'd ever been with me on some of my "outings" , 
and seen some of the folk I've hooked up with,  you'd know what I mean!   ..
It's really no wonder that Banksy Moon struggles with getting UN peace resolutions passed   -  
cos I think the whole UN is mostly down the bleedin'  Park !   !   (lol )
But seriously, I'm sure you're as angry as me, Mr. F, that our party, your party,  has been branded as a racial 
organisation,  and for me to lose my kids because of this unwarranted, undignified  schloer  . ..  ?
I await your response with interest.

Yours gratefully  

Kolee  ?Ynnit (ms)

PS:  The hypocrisy of all of this is absolutely staggering.
        I've just read  The Guardian  story about  ..     7 dead in Pakistan ..
        and The G  refers to  -  and  I  QUOTE -   :      .. (a)  Shite  Muslim procession  .
        So how come they can get away with it then  ?!    Friends in high places  or what indeed   !     innit

Saturday, 24 November 2012

    BradleyWiggins :   The RemainsOfTheDazed  II                  (cont. .. .   ..    from  Sunday, Nov 18

So, we were talking about the French .. and them taking both the credit and the blame for BW's bike accident  . ..
You see, it was being on those lovely (French) roads  . ... . when Bradley won the Tour de France ..
it lulled him into a false sense of security ..
because Wiggins had to come home, and it was probably all too much for him, biking on our rotten, rutted ways . .
. . .    .  Wiggy .. ! wallop  ..  hossy ..   y'know ..    mend our ways,  mend his ways   'n all  . .

And so the French will be bragging about the quality of their roads
but brooding about what happen to Brad  . .
For it's always a hotchpotch of referential pride and reverential guilt as far as the French are concerned  *

Put it this way :
There's an old song by  Peter Sarstedt   entitled      ? Where did you go to, my lovely      You may well know it.   . . .... 
Well, it's a  love-angst  piece, y'know . ...    where Peter sing about his  Lovely  in Paris, who does everything, knows everybody
etaletal  . . BUT the song tells us  (if I remember correctly )  how she keep a friend of Sacha Distel locked in a cupboard, 
without food and water, who is then put up for an extortionate ransom, an exchange for a famous Arab thoroughbred .. or something  
..or release on condition that Distel  never   ever   sings again ..     ! ?
     Or Sarstedt's song is about the English cyclist who pass from fabulous French roads to entropied  English dirt-tracks.

Yes.   Well, anyhoo, the point is :   The French        Referential pride         Reverential guilt.     etcetc       ?you get my drift!
It's a constant tension  within France :  Robespierre  v  Danton ;  Bardot  v  Depardieu ;  Aznavour  v  Distel  .   ..
. . .    Do you follow,  Ms. ?Ynnit   ?

Here Kolee ?Ynnit (ms) smile, nod knowingly,   and enquire after PastorHenryFrog .


     .               .                       ...   .               .                           .                                                                                                         

                                      All dumb  leaves

    You're a rake                         !                         she hollered
                         You're a hoe    !       he rasped
                                                                                            The leaves looked on,  bewild(ered.) 

                                                     INKLEMENT SOY
                                                                                                                                                   RUSSELL BRAND

                              The Hooded Claw  v  Penelope OneStopShop                  part I

   THC :  I'll get you  !! Penelope OneStopShop ...heh..heh..heh..heh   !
     PO  :  Well, I am here 24/7, 365 ..!.. so it's hardly planting your flag
         at the NorthPole now, ? is it      !?

  *  taken from      THE THREE MUSKET EARS : Joining a gun club is all very well ! but make sure your
                                                                   holding your gun the right way round  (Dastardly / Kammerleg )
                                                                                                                                                                      NickGriffin (Ed.)

             you show more love to those bleedin birds
  bloodied by that bleedin cat  !
                     than you do to me      she chirped
 he bridled, bid Her adieu with a note scribed -or scribbled- in bird blood:
  butt  you  can  be  my  bird  always,   my bride,
                                         if     to  be          like   you         would 

                            !  Look 
                              just tell that bleedin cat
                                   to s(l)ing it's bleedin (h)ook             !?  would ya
                                      SMOKEY LINNET
                                                                                                                     (  KOLEE ?YNNIT (ms)   -   field research )

!Blimey .  ... 
and I thought my  Mouser  was harsh   ?  !

Lon Kitenmyse

Friday, 23 November 2012

       a new planet   planned  for Thanet
                                                                             !        an old comet    come and undone it

                                                       MELETONIN SKY


Thursday, 22 November 2012

    Jim Carey say        to Georg Philipp Telemann :    Hi
                                                                            The Cable Guy
Strange you say that    Georg reply
                                           In a funny kind of way
                                                                        so am I

                                            The Taliban
                 seedy serial killers
                                                                                            stashed     in  a  slack  white van
   unstacked the TV's
                     smashed the screens 2 smithereens
                                                                                                  and spewed    their dekree :

                                                                      YOU WILL SEE WHITE VANS EVERYWHERE
                                                                                         butt  not on TV
                                                                                                                                      4 we deklare:
                                                                                                                                                                A  TELE  BAN
      *  taken from     A BrownEyedGirl   is a brown-Eyed girl    !    who should of gone to Speksavers 
                            Tele Kymonnis / Van Morriseye                    TerryVenables (ed.)


                                      BASTARDS !!
                                                        Tinky Winky
                                                                                                                Russell Grant
                                                                                                                Allen Kar (ChattyVan)


           Aaahh !  bless

Pete Wylie's Mighty Aaaahhh . .!  ;     Alice Klar          -     THE JK VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR CENTER  

                  If  your  desperate  for  a TV,    try  Comet    !?
                                                                                              MULLAH ABBAS AKHUND,    MULLAH JOHN SMITH




Wednesday, 21 November 2012

                                         end it like beckham

with summer games
          the Hero  break the flow of brit-angst
 like father thames
          or ted.                       we bow
and our eyes ring in julie christie
                              in  don't! look now
                                but then the mind
make murderous hay;                         as  halo slip
                                                   the Hero's blind
or blinded               say.
      til autumn swoop.                  with His fall         His rise
               and slight affray:
                                  flight of fancy      
  a fan's awe  flash ;                             and we fear a fight
                               a fight  !    you see 
                           to the death-lair.
      winter,       we vow to thee        to take not
    water         or                                       air .