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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

              wot  they  said  about   The  Four  Susans                                                                                                                                                                                    JANUARY 2018

                     !  CAN'T  WAIT  4  THE  NEXT  INSTALMENT         !
                                                                               The Vatican Outrage

             ! cunt            wait  ! !             ?the  next  instalment  ?   !
                         Rupert Murdoch


       I wrote  I  agree  several times in the margins
                                                  Immanuel Kant 

                                      Well zats anuzzer year dun and dusted  ! sank ze fuk
                                                                                            Sylvia Kristel  


             !! rashenfrashensplashenSusan!Sarandon
                                                   Donald Trump

         Funniest thing I've heard since Marilyn doin' JFK
                                                                                                    Arthur Windy Miller

                   i was ofered a choice  of  the4susans  
   or a weak round a swedish d i y  Emporium ;  
                          it was a noBrainer  realy
                              Davyd Ickea

                               I  was  offered  a  Japanese  Noh  brain  
                                                                                           or  DavId  Ycke.
                               ! No brianer  ( really )
                                                     ENO  MILKYNETS


       about   wot He said  forth rightly                                                 
                                                                                                 JANUARY 2018      ( on-kor )

The narrator talk candidly about His roll in the development of the story 
of Susan Giro,  Kolee?Ynnit (Ms.),  Sikment Loyne (Prof.), 
and a hole-host of other, nefarious characters,  some more hol(e)y than others,   
as yet another child fly gracelessly off yet another piece of park play equipment 
and the countryside alliance  of nefarmious animals munch on their remanes.

it was  quite a set up really

i'd got  Eno Milkynets    pretty hassle free this time

his  Thirsty Afternoon  streemin into arid shells   
on a damp saturday morn 
sometime close to the beguine of 2017  
with various lumps-and-lugs and accompanied kids  
screamin  and  a-hollerin    
swingin  and  a-botherin 
and i was gettin jip from the marketin bored  
about me trippin the lite fandango 
on sum heavy farrago 
that  had  noncompusmentus  writ in triplikit  
and split in bloodembargo   to all and sunday   

and on a day too soon to boot

so   cajolin the kahoot   here's the  set   
up and ready for ya to invest invective     in
and to select the vestal upset  
with a  positive suggest of shagged-out-shagrin

see  i'd caressed the marketin bored 
with varicosely marborious  request  
all of which they'd turned down in a heartbeat  
tickin' me off  with cavernous  batwing cabaleet 

still   we have a park explicit   

a park bench implicit 
and the soundest of ideas that music be eminent here 
thus from the bench would it emanate

at the first It was going to be Cage   4.33    SILENTLY  

until me lateral got the best of me literal 
and  slucingly   4.33   got washed away 
in seconds        all  273  of them 
for  i'm takin' those three numbers   initially   
twistin the combos   tippin the sequentios  
and comin up with a string of  17's
the logic of which is squarely deathdefining  
mathdefying  at  worst
or  best  left   to somewhat drier daze
suffice to say now  we have a mishmash of sounds
caroused from the mouth 
of that  bench    in  that park

2 peeps sit  mayhemmed   in seventeen surround  




Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Whether it is nobrainer in the night to sulphur the slugs and arias of outrageous furrowin'  

or just to tell Kolee ?Ynnit (ms) to shut-the-fuck-up about this hole aspidistrous shemessigan 
surroundin'  a mat(t)ress splittin',   and not to drag out a professor at some ungodly hour,
well, only lime would till, and wise men bog to differ    suresure         .
Which meant, to all intents and purposes, that Professor Sikment Loyne was as confused 
as you and I  (!and that's saying nothing )

The nubshot of all of this cahootin' was that at just after 4.30am, as the sun was a-welkin' westward 

 -  O! such tymes !we do live in  -   Prof Loyne was wading in a morass of widgemulch 
and listening aphidly to Ms ?Ynnit's beda'libbin' diatribe.

!Well its like .. .

BUT(t) no!, not yet  it isn't, ?Ynnit(ms), for Loyne stop her dead in her trunks, allowing him, us, 
to explain to all of you, listeners, readers, that the person about to give her account of
a mat(t)'ress splitin'   be  indeed  a  certain  Kolee ?Ynnit(ms),  but(t) not as we might know her.
For, either as a result of her ongoing traumatisation, or because she has been kidding us all along in
fickle affectation, Kolee is now speaking in a manner akin to Hurricane's fair lady, or, rather, 
on an allotment intended as a meating place for the professor and his Eliza Dobedobedobelittled .

So ?what's with this  mat(t)ress splittin',   Ms. ?Ynnit  

butt when ?Ynnit inquired of Loyne   IF   he might be into 
              splitting a mattress with herself
the professor did not wish to infinitvely split heirs about ?Y's knotted grammar, whether it be right or wrong to stress the 
IF & butt & ?Y's knots  and,  besides, it was  a tad inclement out there - he had no great desire to munkle further the misery of Winter - and Sikment was pitching a sickness in the pits of his stomach, alongside a stirring in the netherRegions, which, for Loyne, had for so long seemed something forlorn,  
slavishly lovelorn   too  .  
butt that take him gracelessly into grassy-nee-greasy memories 
best left to wash up in some half-hybrid, Hebridean trawlertrash. 
another story  of  course   that might be told in   darker, danker tymes.

as for now  splitting a mattress  seemed just the way to go       
    suresure .

yet if ever a 2-way conversation were a one-way conversation, they'd be now erectin' an enormling  No Entry  sign at this very moment, 
with ?Ynnit's and/or Loyne's features flit-large in flashin' neon, accordin' to interpretation   .

 K ?Y(ms)  :  butt ! bring a blade   innit

  S L(prof)   :  
    K ?Y(ms)  :  were  splitin a  mat(t)'ress

  - - --  --

  K ?Y(ms)  :  in a sweedish  way    ( !that is  )

well  Loyne being Loyne, godhearted-hardhearted, with sexual undertones being ever more prescient than a dirtyFergalSharkeyvideo,
he grudgingly come to the conclusion that  mat(t)'ress splitin'
be  NOT  euphemism.
so  humping hardheart2hardhat  he prepare for the bratwust, succrumbing there to the inevitable;
(and) becoming a sheepish meetball @ The Noo Ikea  @  Luton

  K ?Y(ms)  :  in a  sweedish  way    (  that is!  )

 - --- -

 K ?Y(ms)  :  meat me  @  me alotment   innit
                       !! bring  ya  fukkin   blade        !?

y'see prof being prof (as  tiresomely  we now know) Loyne had lined up the prospect of being led around that Scandinavian Sinferno in dogcollar(plus chain) (and, if truth be known, was not entirely discomforted by that image ) or being pushed around the place by 
?Ynnit in a shopping trolley - he'd already slit his wrists at that point - until the pinny dropped and he understood - !!WTF? -
that they'd be  splitin' a mat(t)'ress  down at Kolee's al(l)otment

       DOWN AT KOLEE'S AL(L)OTMENT          

        on  er  alotment
                                                                                   kolee   show  loyne  wot she  meen
                                                    by   the  sweedish way

        for  she  gon and dug  up  all  er  sweeds
                                               put  em  in  a  dish

                                                                 then   wayed   em
                         M. (n)NITE  YOKELS   /
   yokel   O ! no /

                  DOWN AT KOLEE'S AL(L)OTMENT
                                             I I

never one to munch birds or regrane from callin  a  blade  a  blade Kolee ?Ynnit(ms), her nicotine lashes flaying in the chillbreeze like venetian blinds in a Sami tent, castigate Sikment Loyne(prof) 
for unsloshing his bladder at the broken, al(l)otment fence, 
rather than slipping out his hammer and nails.   
  ya cud hav soked me sweeds   at ! the very leest    innit   
cry a rutabaga-bagged Kolee, waying up the matter in an instant.
As always when telling off the pondersome professor she started to whistle, which then transmogged into the Yoik caterwail which Sikment had installed as her ringtone;  except, ?Ynnit being ?Ynnit, whenever she yoiked she consistently  missed the lead consonant.  
And so the sound that ended up coming out of her mouth would have been more at home on The Pissbeer Terraces at Phoenix FC.

Loyne would be pretty hacked off at this juncture, 
butt didn't care to show it. 



where  kolee  ask  sikment  
                                                            if  he  want  to  split  a  mattress  
                                        with  herself

                       and  sikment 
                                                                                of   course

                get  hold  of  the  wrong  end  of  the  stick  entirely

       when  we  said  the  world's  run  by  huge  lizards
     ?    did  we  say  they  were


David  Ickea
                                  ( Lemonn T )!Yikes!
                                                                                           Sven Sverige
       Henri Ma'tress / Tolouse Ma'tress
           &  TheFrenchFinnishingSchoolOfEmbeddedArt

        Lenni Henri

                                                !!  mmmmm(H)mmmmm

to put it simply,  USA
?howzitgoin'     ?   !

Although Time  poetically
stopped yesterday
- 17 / 1 / 17 -  
- well ! it just had to, ?surely -  
I/we are making this
diary entry on the 18th, 
the day after the marrow.
And solely to say hiya to all our
American friends and cuzzes
who continue to show a love
for and an interest in our work,
nay even a love interest 
for fucksake
Thanks you, those peeps,
from the bottom of our heart.

Suffice it to say that out of
the pair of us 
- Otis and Tosi Mykennel -
one of us extended our feets
to a hole-new-nadir
whereby one of us
- Otis or Tosi Mykennel -
became not so much a legend
as a leg-end
whereby one of us
- Otis and/or Tosi Mykennel -
ended up pretty much in the dogHouse.

Since one of us (a Mykennel) is 
narrator of this story, that one of us
can equally idealise an addition to
that story ( !and here tis )
from the dogHouse or no.
Butt not, !let's not hesitate to say -
take anything from its material reality.

America, we love ! you


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

LOYNE:    You'll need to clear up something for me, Ms.?Ynnit.
               Am I right in thinking that you've gone to the dogs?
               And you say you had some sort of transcendental moment    
               down there,   ?is that correct


                                          well id just come on   if thats wot u meen
              and no it was the docks i gone to  innit  !!  NOT the dogs


                I'm wondering  what it is  you discovered down the docks then, Kolee ?

?YNNIT: yeah well i was clickin me eels for a bit  innit  and so im counted
                the key dates of the 2017  and  its well freeky   
                ( she starts to hum   When I'm 64 )
                witch took me rite bak 2 the beetles again  and  epstein mushrooms   ? rite




?YNNIT :      well  !   64  key dates   ? rite           ( rita )

LOYNE :         Yes.     Rite.      ! Mmmm(H)m        
                One thing tho',  Ms. ?Ynnit.      Luton doesn't have any docks.

?YNNIT :        u aint  obviosly  not bin up before the  luton asizes   !then     innit


where  NOSTLIKEYMEN  announce  the key dates  of  2017 
and Kolee ?Ynnit (ms)  go  wait  by  the  docks:

JANUARY          5         12          17           22           29

FEBRUARY        3          8           15           20           25

MARCH             4          9           14            21           26             31

APRIL               7         12          17            24           29

MAY                  4         11          16            21           28

JUNE                 2          7          14             19           24

JULY                 1          6           11            18           23             28

AUGUST            4          9           14            21           26             31

SEPTEMBER      7         12          17            24           29

OCTOBER         4          11          16            21           28

NOVEMBER       2           7          14            19           24

DECEMBER       1           6           11            18           23             28

where what appears to be ( yetanotha)  no-brainer  
has  Brian  written all over it

LOYNE :   I've been worried about you.  Are you ?okay,  ?you eating

?YNNIT :  had my first propa meel 2day for a while.  one of jamies  4 minute numbas

 L :             Not too substantial then ?

?Y : 

 L :          ( Minute / Minute  you say.)       ?! Soupcon of Eggtimer   maybe

?Y :

 L :          What? was the meal, Ms. ?Ynnit

?Y :           epstein mushrooms  it was called.  tho i think oliver had nickd it from the beetles 
               Cookbook   17  kinds of mushrooms in it  aparently   innit

 L :          ! ( h ) mm(H)mmm!   Not come across that one.   I know  Holstein Mushrooms.
               German of course.   17 specific ingredients in that recipe.
               You sure ? about this so-called  'Epstein' Mushrooms

 ?Y :        as defo as eggs is eggs  and ears why:  the beetles got famous on amburgers  !?rite
               and their  german    innit

  L :

 ?Y :       ?well     !    rite                    ?

  L :        Yes        !    rite

Narrator :  ?Ynnit was  rite  of course.  To contradict her wisdom was a   no-brainer.  
                     Or no-Brianer if one want to be  Epstein-specific.