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Monday, 10 April 2017

     The Four Susans  project is a year-long, multi-media, 
 work-in-process farrago, spawned by the espresso-fooled sprawl 
             to be found everywhere-yet-nowhere
        ( which is  a-bit-longer-than-a-year-long )

         All of this work be the (de)construct of
              The Discombobulates of Kelostemy Inn
  creators of and collaborators with&within the developing fable of                     The Four Susans

      Now if that make sense, you really haven't read it yet, 
      least not properly. And you will be wondering whether 
      it has anything at all to do with Antonio Vivaldi.
      Well ! brace yourself peeps,'cos there's not just  
      The Luton Wind  a-huffin' but The Vivaldi Wind to boot, 
         blown from The Bridge of Sighs to Kelostemy Inn,
                in the shape of a Giro' sister;
                     one of Tony's 'girls'
            As the drama unfold, we recommend that 
             !you 'ang on to yer Italianate 'ats

           And that's not hanging onto 500 cappellos
                          !     ! 
                     but ONE cappello  
                         500 times

Thursday, 6 April 2017

                                                                                         ( synopsis )

     Sleeping through winter's
                       bewitching beat, by the dead
                                                         Susan ?Ynnit's bed:
                                               The kook and the nanny;
                                  Sikment Loyne (prof),
     Kolee ?Ynnit (ms),  of course,
     known to Susan ?Y
                         as  Bitchy   -   crotchety  ma
                                                    & grandma  ?why not
                                               As for dad:  Wayne Wax,
                Scratchy,  crook unquestionably, 
     outsider too,
     flail provider
             who crack life out of Susan ?Y.
                                                      Kolee?   Well ! he try

                 Butt she    with Susan Giro spirit
                 form sistership    !   and sail on it



Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Shivering and frozen,
we cross the smorgered snow
in biting windspill,
running to and fro
to stamp our stinging feet.
We choke on bitter pill
of fire-tease appeasement,
as remote to us
as soaked outsiders  still.
And when we end up
arse over tit, we crack up,
just like the ice will
if we dilly-dally so.
!Homeward go, hard hearts,
with north wind bloodchill

For seeping through nook and cranny
be     Winter's     niagrous      timpani.

                                                             SOL KITENMYNE

                                                                      taken from
                                                                               Winter Sonnet   ( A. Vivaldi)

So peeps  I guess what we need to say to you  be  2-fold   tbph

Firstly, that  @  00.00.01  precisely  on  Friday, April 7 - KeyDate no. 17  of  64 KeyDates of 2017 -
at a second past midnite on that stoopidly early Friday am,  exactly 4 months after  K?Y(ms)  met with Sik Loyne(prof)   to discuss  familiar grapevine scandelabra   ? remember,  a meeting which itself was exactly  4 months after  NationalSistersDay 2016  ( in fact ), which saw the first appearance(s) of various  by Susan Giro,
and  exactly 4 months  before  NSD 2017,  which is likely to see (a) further appearance(s)  by the sa(i)d  SG  .   .       .
@ 00.00.01  precisely you will be directed  by  KOO  to a new site  ( Kelostemy Inn ) for the purpose
of the telling of the  story of   
?!?  okay

that some of you
- ! and you'll know who you are -
are   no longer welcome in  KelostemyInn ,
at least  that is  if you continue to go by your old  discredited names
rather than by  NEW  names  appropriate to  TheDiscombobulationOfKelostemyInn
there you have it

RhineRik Baumeister
Chav 'n Daze
Pastor Henry Frog
Jean Hackman
Yurgen Kinsman
Susan Tinny
Kolee Wax
Wayne Wax
Susan ?Ynnit,
you've had 17 seasons or more to sort your name out,

!sort it out


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lance Formaggioso

b   16.10.1661

d   17.01.1720

In 1717, Lance Formaggioso became the first epidemiologist to work out
the link between mosquitoes and malaria .
Given that Lance's middle name was Maria  - a cheesy girl's name
which made him see red -  and that he was commonly known as  La Maria -
it was an obvious leap from there to the study of  MaLaria
( and the  'little fellas' )
It was a less obvious leap for him to celebrate his discovery of the
malaria - Culicidae  connection with an alfresco, candlelit dinner for thousands 
on a clammy, summer's evening in the Mantuan swamplands.
He died just two short years later when he remained estranged from his wife 
(Rosa Mosqueta) and his daughter ( Susan.)


b   sumtyme in the futurpassd

d   ! LOL

n ?1717/1718?  Nostlikeymen acheved infamie inn  The Candelabra Scandal ( a.k.a  The Scandelabra ), inn inncidents innvolving Susan Giro'(amongste otheres) at NewYearesLoste&FoundlingeBash 
@ The PietaFesta, Venice Northewater; here thepN dribbel on about 
(his) visione o'TheNooSiteeinnTheWeste     GrandeSerenitee 
In ?2016/2017?, in TheDiscombobulationOfKelostemyInn, He achieve
further infamy, in incidents involving Susan Giro' (amongst others),
forewhiche he know much more than he be prepared to foretell.
Now as before (probably), theprophetNostlikeymen can go(e) by other names such(e) as Tynkelmonies

Susan Giro'  ( Susan G )

b   16 ??

d   ????

spectre,spook,supernatural,seraph,sprite,sprightliness,sparklehorse,scenesteeler,stirrer,striving stuff,stunt,spunk,stoutheart,substance(or lack of it)

1717 :  Windowe Childe  /  Anna Giro''s  'systa'
            Strangely (perhaps), she had a growing interest in and knowledge of the 
            mozzie -malaria link.

2017 :  Wind Girl          /     Kolee ?Ynnit's 'sista'

Anna Giro'/Giraud   ( La Mantovana - The Mantuan Girl )

b    ?1700/1701?

d    17 ??

Susan G''s 'halfe-systa' 

Prima-donna-mezzo-soprano noted for her close collaboration(s) with Antonio Vivaldi,
in whose household both Anna and Susan resided.
The nature of this triangular relationship has been the source of keen speculation.

Antonio (Tony) Vivaldi

b    04.03.1678

d    28.07.1741

Venetian Baroque composer known as   Il Prete Rosso   ( in more ways than one )

Key numbers :   4   8   17   &  500   ( in more ways than one )

Close association with  telephones on 'hold', clocks,  hotel lifts, web browsers, potatoes,  
the Giro' girls.


RhineRik Baumeister

b   21.3.1833

d   15.2.1917

German engineer and urbane planner RR Baumeister shot to infamy with his 

Venice-Mantua Trench Farago (The VMTF)  during  The Grape War  in 1917; 
leading him to co-author ( with RoberToto Traliccio ) one of the earliest texts 
on such subject matter :  ! The Ragged-Trousered Planner's Pissed 
As he lay on his deathtrench, Baumeister foresaw/forswore 
a  New City  in The West,  built alonge the lines of  V-trenches and  H-trenches, 
a(n) NC  that wood be  the envie of Manny  
(ref. prob. to Manny Fiesta, Jewish-Italian planner&rival.)
Weirdly( or not), construction on   The-Discombobulation-of-Kelostemy-Inn started that very day, nearing completion ANY-TIME-SOON ;  a 'curiosity' that would have had RRB swearing under his sawbreath in an instant.

Sikment Loyne  (prof.)

b     N/a

d     N/a

!Nefariously anxious.
About himself.
About Kolee ?Ynnit (ms.)
About Susan ?Ynnit       &   Susan Giro.
About the essential collapse of TheWesternWorld.

Susan ?Ynnit

b   01.01.2000

d   01.01. 2017  (circled)

Susan was the daughter of Kolee ?Ynnit (ms)
and Wayne Wax, in a half-assed kinda way;
parents she referred to as  Bitchy & Scratchy

Susan's birth and death, as for Mark Twain, carried certain

celestial significance, if not quite as literal.

She died at a knife-throwing party held to celebrate the
17th anniversary of The Millennium. 

Susan Tinny


Kolee ?Ynnit (Ms.)

B:     38.05.83

D:     at various points of her life, pretty much, especially
         meating Wane, being dumped by her councillor (SikmentLoyne),
         and having to witness the passing of her daughter Susan.

Altered her name a few times ;
most importantly when she went from  Kylie  to  Kolee
by *dead poll*,  on discovering that Kylie Minogue is actually Australian.  

* to change one's name by 'dead  poll' 
 As by deed poll, butt with the involvement of a passed parrot.

Kolee Wax

No information available

Wayne  Wax

b      ?         ?
d         ?   ?

Troubled/troublesome ex-partner of K?Y(ms.)  //  Doesnawannabe dad of  Susan ?Y  ///   N O I K    (various)

Monday, 27 March 2017

                               A list visitors to Susan ?Ynnit's bedside  
                               in no especial order :

                               Ey-list Ennkom
                          Sleenky Itomn  
                      Setynmone Lik
                                  Moe Litenskyn
                                   Emo Li(y)tensky(i)n
                               Sikment Loyne (prof.)
                                 Sonik E.Lyment  
                                      Kloset Minney 
                                      Sokey M'Linnet
                                       Yekil Monnste 
                                 Leo/Ole Nitemynks
                               Steemin Onkyl                                    
                         Monty ( Le) Sinke     
                             Klyemin Stone
                          Melonny  Tikes
                                        Tynkelmonies / Nostlikeymen
                          Kolee ?Ynnit (ms.)

                                 characters appearing in  THE FOUR SUSANS   story


  Antonio Vivaldi
  Anna Giro'
  Susan Giro'

  Lance Formaggioso (peripheral to the circular story )



  Wayne Wax
  Kolee Wax
  Kolee ?Ynnit(ms)
  Susan ?Ynnit
  Susan Tinny
  Sikemnt Loyne(prof)
  Susan Giro'
  RhineRik Baumeister (1917/2017+)
                      ( peripheral to the circular story  butt
                        central to the circular construction 
                        of The Discombobulation of KelostemyInn /
                           (the)GrandSerenity / SerenitySolutions)

  an array of hospital visitors
  none of which are called ray  
                      ( peripheral to the circular story  and
                        peripheral to Susan ?Ynnit's bed )


Dear Kolee/Sikment/Sonik   etal.

Here, as promised,  the first of  my notes 
to help in the construction of your inspirational work.

!Better late than dead  ?eh


                               NEW YEAR  2017   
       Gift List

 Piled on the gifts' table in South corner of Susan ?Ynnit's hospital room
 are the following items :

   A half-empty bottle of Prosecco
    Lance Formaggioso      ( circled 1717 )

   A bag of melons

   The Sol Kitenmyne Anthology: IN HIS OWN WARTS  /  
                                           CLIMBING  Mt. HAIKU
                                     Klyemin Tones  pub. /  Kitenmyne  ed.

   A torn copy of  The Ragged-Trousered Planner's Pissed  
                                           Tressell / Baumeister 

   An O/S map of  The Venice-Mantua Trench Farago    
                            RhineRik Baumesiter   ed.   ( circled 1917 )

   FLOORED  SUSAN  : An anonymous diary, dated 1717,  
                     detailing a personal life led 
                     in&around Venice&Mantua 
                     &withe&about the composer Antonio Vivaldi.

   A pictorial document (signed by RR Baumeister)/(apparently)
   of the construction of  The-Discombobulation-of-KelostemyInn 
   in 1917, up to its completion date any-time-soon.
   Note : The document's dustcover has been vandalised in order to
          hide the document's title, which appears in big letters
          on the book itself :  ! THAT'S SO LAST CENTURY  ffs


Saturday, 11 March 2017

(skittin' on)
             THE  DOCK  OF  THE  BRAE

                         by Otis Mykennel

      Here's another number for ya ! yer stupidfukkers: 

When Nostlikeymen got up a head of steam and exclaimed to an obliferous audience  

the 11th  Key Number  ( 69 )   of  seventeen supposed KeyNumbers, we are left to consider the relevance of such numbers.
Well, let's start with number  69  shall we ?!  and why ever not:

The unfolding story of TheGiroSisters (Susan/Anna), Tony Vivaldi, Sikment Loyne, 
Kolee ?Ynnit(ms), Susan ?Ynnit (Kolee's daughter), Wayne (Kolee's ex ), 
Nostlikeymen (tosomeextent), take place, essentially, over two distinct, calendar years
separated by three stinking centuries : 2017  &  1717
Within the calendar year of 2017 - and 1717 too ?!who knows - there are 64  Key Dates, as we now understand. In 2016, the prelewd to events of 2017, there are a further FOUR Key Dates of which we need to take note : August 7 (NationalSistersDay); 
December 7 (Kolee&SikDay); December 31/January1/2017 ( Susan ?Ynnit's last days.)
And there be one extra, as yet undisclosed, KeyDate which happen in 2018, the postlewd 
to events of 2017.
All of which add up (of course) to   69.
The  11th  Key Number.
As previous disgust.

                                            KEY  NUMBERS   12 & 13




Tuesday   March 14    2017    -      Daze 13      ( of  TheKeyDates )

                        THE   TEN   COMMANDS       ! MEANT

                        when  prophetNostlikeymen  exclaim the   17  KeyNumbers
                        and Kolee ?Ynnit (Ms.)  give  the  docks   a   wide     berth

                      ! 4    5        7           8                17      20      
                     64          68            432        440        !

                                                !  !    NOST  LI  KEY  MEN       U  said    17
                                                theres   only          10                             f  f  s

                                           !  ?   Who's   the   fuckin'  Prophet    here  Kolee    eh
                                                   Who's   the   fuckin'  Prophet                           ?