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Sunday, 1 January 2017


    DAY 1   :       WHERE THINGS GO  !TIT'S UP   FOR KOLEE ?YNNIT (ms.)
                                     AND SIKMENT LOYNE (prof.) WISHES THAT 
                                             HE'D STAYED   IN BED AFTER ALL

The first - and absurdly early - communication of the day, and of 2017, 
between ?Ynnit (ms) and Loyne (prof) is, by force of circumstance, an email exchange.  
For Kolee has reluctantly handed over her mobile phone in response to a police amnesty 
and, as a response to Sikment, in order to avoid further, unnecessary contact with those 
she was born alongside, and those she was bored alongside. 
In the words of the poet Oke'nnElm
Why ? not turn over 
               a new leaf                   by getting shot
                                                  of all the dead wood
                         ?Ysit Oke'nnElm
For Sikment, an email conversation is, by force of circumstance also, the only real way to communicate, since public boxes pass as urinals, landlines are a thing of the past, 
a mobile he would not deign to own, and face-to-face parlay an unnecessary complication. 
There is always, of course, that which be nostalgically referred to as  the art of letter-writing 
but, as Loyne would frequently point out,   the pen is meatier than the word
and if by writing letters one condones the destruction of yet another nationalised industry,
then don't ! use  snailmail;  it's a no-brainer,  or no-brianer,  if one wants to be snail specific.

           LOYNE                                                                                        ?YNNIT
 key to trauma: obfuscation
 locked thinking
 freed imagination

 !?did i say that  did i really say that?!
                                           d'you? really say that              !yes                !           NO !

 you paid me well
 well paid me what you had/could
 the well-off gave me their wad
                                           gave U their load
                                    we all gave U our load! Sik
                                    and U was on a roll (with it)
 I was on a roll Kol innit
 I was Don Juan                            !done!
                                           I was done !!fuckin'done
 different time place class condition
 Don Logan
                                           fucked me up the ass
 !   ! didn't touch you
                               fucked me up the ass with your words
                                            your a sadfuk ! Sik
 careful  !Kol lest overtone synonym
                    ( for ) 
                  I  am  you  and  what  I  see  is  me
                     ( (The)Floyd,  Echoes :  Live at Pompeii )
                                                  pompous shit
 !O lol                                           dumbasscunt!
 how random internet wars amuse
                               lol!shitcunt my baby girls dead
 !O ? how                                     knifed  last  nite
 !O  I see   hmmm        !

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