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Friday, 9 June 2017

- you bin ill sik

- not exactly     no

- so where u bin then

- in hidin   so to speak

- mmm   playin yer classikals again    


- so wots afresh    ( then  )

- i'm esconced  Kol   in     and  away  from it all

- so wot u doin in fukkin  skotland   bro


-  i meen theres an erection on
   if u aint heard

- aah   the erection of generals      u see
  a case of which prick is going to
  consolidate  the  state of   ProtoFascism
  who's going to take us onto  the

- well from all i know
  frodo's got every rite 2bfukkd off
  & so wud u be
  with a bilboBaggins cuzzcuss    


-  O   FrodoFashism    ffs  
   its on all the soshial meed  
  where u bin    sik                        ( f f  s  )


- so      i tell u wh'appen  in the general    i meen
  election  that is     not hossy  stuff  btw
   nuff said on that fukshit  w(h)en were 'alfway thro
  the year alred
  its still turnin2shit

- family and politics  alike then
  like twin sisters
  all might seem to converge on the outside
  butt inside  never the twain                  so to speak


- mark my words  Kol
  !stay rite away from radioTVfones
  good news is a dead duck in the water
  the bad times are killing  us 
                           (modest mouse )


-  (well) maybe we'll get lucky and we'll both live again
   well i dont know i dont know  i dont know  ! dont think so

-  wtf  ffs  & all this has sweetFA to-do wiv y im writin 2 u (ffs)

   innit    if u realy wana no   b t w    
                                         ( ?Ynnit Ms. )

                                                                                                                                   4MLB x





- y'know  we  was talkin' about UKIP  and i says i was thinkin bout votin(g)    forum

-  really

- well they gorrin  didnt they    
  o i know u didn-wana know  but now u do         so

- really

- and won by a landfill

- well no one deserves a landfill more than them

- anyhoo little england will be    BIG england       once  again
  once we learnin how stayin bein little 
 is the biggest thing we can do   in the sirks   actually

- what are we talking about here   really

- o juss fukoff wiv ur 'reallys'   sik   

  eastern euros o' cuss          
  thats why we need  border controls for 'em     
  actualy  UKIPs rite about peeps like  U  who have ur fancy houses
  out-in-the-muddel-of-nowhere and u dont have to live next door to 'em

- well controlling border collies  is of the essence     Kol      

  o-i-t-m-o-n    so to speak         and you'd know that anyhoo

- hmm                                  help dig england out of a hole

                                         all together
                                         build border controls
                                                                                     UKIP        sik

-  u dreamin' Kol              wake up  girl   and smell  the        shit


                                                                                                                             4MBLB xx


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