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Sunday, 17 September 2017

       And  lo  !    
          speek to the  Nations  


                                                                                               (  and  whoever  else  be  lissenin'       )


  And so I wrote to Russell Crowe and told him, in no certaine termes, 
  that being theProphete that  I am,  
  I am perfickly capable (!thanke U very muche )  of re-writin'  History,  
  &  cuttin' TheRomans  out  kompletely   !fukkers    fullestopp/periode    
  witch wood be of grate benefite  not  only  to  The Paganes   ( i g w s )
  butt also  to the reste of humankinde
  for  then ther wood b  absolutely no need  for anye  Russell Crowe
                                                                        !fukker    fullestopp/periode

  Anyhoo  he write back and tell me, in no certaine termes,
  that being theProphete that he bee,
  He bee perfickly capable  of  stoppin' that  happenin'
  I can !stoppe  that  happenin'        saye-he      I  can  !!stoppe   YEW      fukker

  O   NO   YOU !  CANT                 saye-I

                                                                            (  and Im  misspellinn'   CANT      )

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