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Saturday, 19 November 2016

key to trauma obfuscation
locked thinking
freed imagination

did i say that  did i really say that
did you really say that

you paid me well
well paid me what you had/could
the well-off gave me their wad

gave you their load
we all gave you our load Sik
and you was on a roll (with it)

i was on a roll  Kol  innit
I was Don Juan               done

i was done   fucking done
different time place class condition
Don Logan

fucked me up the ass
i didn't touch you
fucked me up the ass with your words

your a sadfuk   Sik

careful  Kol   lest overtone synonym
i am you and what i see is me
((the)Floyd : Echoes : Live at Pompeii  )

pompous shit
o   lol
dumbass cunt        how random internet wars amuse

lol   shitcunt
my babygirls  dead    o how

knifed last nite      o i see  hmmm

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