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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

    ( ? )             
    W W Y 
         T N T O F B T S B( - )D

As parrotyscissorbeaksuperMoon loom and assume visible nay/nee dirigible, Justine et moi open our option of !phwaah : To plague the lunarticspoondoggers snakin' trucks up mountin' tracks to have cuzzsex in the company of omniscient orb; or to recline in a seabound diner where best define the silver stalking the river, whilst at same time find a TV screen fleeting between a Bonobo Ape's genitalshakes and a chatshowhost whining how a Parasite has wormed its way into the american electoral state.  

Ever desiring to preserve pure democracy, Justine and I side with the minority decision in a vote of two, opt for risk, settle in with Moony, Bony, Pary, settle for awestruckness or, strictly, less unstuckness as I whisper into J's orifice  this : 

the cheese yield is about to hit the stars, 

the Bonobo's butt about to hit the spot, 
and the parasite about to hit   the hicks, 
the hucksters, the horde of hustlers  hugging the hustings 
in a concertedpushing,    conceited-concealing, 
effectively fucking up thefreeworld           .


Justine's response is unsettling unexpected,
noting that she 

hasn't hit any cheese since the run on the greek goats in september, hasn't hit any Bonobo since U2 run out of ideas after october, 

and hasn't hit any Parasite since she run into a lone-shark at a bingo-meat in november. 

Whereas I  with characteristic candour  suggest our shaky demeanour be the result of the media lumping the Parasite with the initials DT  which, in all Learned gravity, might, just might, summon up an unsumptuous intensity of DaveleeTravis.  

Here my girl feel dutybound to infer that I 

be brewin' up more bother than a bathbrothel in a bothy, 

and she shift my gaze to the TV where Bonobo pontificate that we put our faith in human grace  NOT human race  adding in scrawlyshitpiss a message to the pack that we,!we don't know jack, signing off this pseudophilic epigram with its entitled akronym

Well   J  being  J   

parlay with me/mae  in that flakeydebatey way with which she/shae  be  sooooo   au-fait/fay    

!No(h) way(e)      she/shae say(e)   !No(h) way(e)   

all smilay-laffay

proceeding thence to whisper into my orifice :

?!Where Were You The Night That Old Fart Became The Supreme Butt(-)Dildo  !   ?

Whereas I/aye  with characteristic clarity/eh   

saddle up like a  bathbrothel in a bothy, unflapping my flies, 
and aiming into my woman's broth. 
I locate her soupcoarse with a soupcon of sublimity.  
At which point the patrons of the establishment feel it their duty/eh to call the police who read me my rights/writes/rites without whim   butt  with their very own akronym :
      u r b d   4   p  t  c  o  J
     u r being done   4    perverting the course of Justine

It is here that I begin to recount to the police a litany of lifelong grimes and misdemeanours for which I am (w)hol(l)y responsible.

When I'm finished the officers of the law make due respond:

Of course if what your ownin' up to has any truth in it

you'll be lookin' at a pretty fair time inside
and from the looks of you that aint gonna to be the most comfortable of rides  if you get me drift

?Could you be more precise   I interject

Well  boyishgoodlooks will certainly get you    noticed 

Yes but how long   I butt in   is   a pretty fair time  ? ? 

I mean are we talkin'  a full presidential term here  or  what

A scratch of the head   paws to consider   then an answer:  

Mmhmm id say at least one term, maybe two at a stretch   butt I come back to what I've just said   it aint goin' to be no picnic  boy
you think carefully before you own up to stuff   !!  I mean  

Two terms   I reiterate   

you say I could be inside for  TWO presidential terms   
so yeah  what I owned up to is all true,
wholly true     
And I give myself up to you right now

    taken from

           ?      Where Were You The Night That Old Fart Became The Supreme Butt(-)Dildo
                                                                                          PoohPooh&Grubb (pub.)  



                                                                   HIGHER  GUNSLINGER

        cocky  pres  catch  crow

                                              pluck  last  pair  off  tree


                                                                 and                               then     take    one     of      them                 out


                                                                                                         ?Ysit Oke 'n Elm  /
                          MinneyKlosetEnnymi       /
                                                                                                                                    Ye Kil Monnste                             
                                                                                                                                                                 YE  MEN  IN  KOLTS 


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