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Monday, 27 November 2017

  ?Y :      and i was chillin out     the radio was playin  elton   -  kindle in the wind     ?! y'know

    L :      Candle in the Wind          shirley

  ?Y :     and  i'd  got this steamy novel on the go  
              and its  blowin' a hoolie outdoor  ! ?                     y'know
              and there he was sudenly    bang out the blue        ?yeah             !

    L :     WAX                                                                                         ?

  ?Y :     and i'v not seen him for like yonks   y'know   
              and there he is   standin' in the porch
              and next thing i knew        hed got all his stuff     ffs
              and he's moved right in                                                     innit

    L :     butt it was his place after all,  you were squatting there  !   right             ?

  ?Y :

                                                           !Yikes /

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