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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

 LOYNE :  How's the collie's  collywobbles, ?! Kolee

?YNNIT :   d'ya mean hows ? me deaddog doin' since it passed into dead         ?
               OR  ?? !!   HAV U FORGOT  ?      agin 
               or ?!how am I doin'  havin' to face me dogz dead all on me loansome
               with no reel or ooman support    well just no reel  suport 
              'cuz  u aint  ooman really are?  U   Sik   !  you pompuss facefuk  
               i meen yer dont have the ooman feelins that oomans have  do ? yer   not ! reely  !

 LOYNE :   Well,   I'm sorry   if

?YNNIT :   well yor not are yer   so shutthefukup!kunt   sorry   i meen    not reely  
               not sorry enuff  anywize   leavin me all alone to face the hole cahoots 
               and all them unresolved implikashuns
               thats wots amaze me with all yer so-called  professed  astonishings
               that yer cudden even give the time o day at such a crisal skuldugin

 LOYNE :  Well you weren't strictly alone.  I mean,   ?!what about your parrot       O(!h)     I

?YNNIT :  yeh well  JUSS PISS OFF !SKWAKMONGER   ! O no  u  said it now cuz 
              ya dunt   even  rememba that   do?yer   that  you  YOU  were responsiv at that 
              sad-olde-byrds  demise    witch go 2 back up all i say  in a heartstop  
              tbpb   its a case in proof   your not all their  Loyne   never was  & never hasbeen     
              and when Kolee and her colly  mite of need a pal    wanted u allpallydoolly 
              u were awol  !? innit     &   on the pissrol  sindood

 LOYNE : Well  I

?YNNIT :  and  heres anotha fing   you   u   stickUpthearse twatprof     b / y / a / m     
              that dog shat over me in ways u cudden get close to       cud only  dream off      
              and  thats  not even 'alf of it     tbpb


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