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Friday, 8 December 2017

?Y :  !O(h) you aint 'eard the news have you Prof ? shirley                otherwise you wooden still have a face like a slapped 'orse

L :

?Y :  its been on FoxRoundTheKlox   plus  HouseyHousey  the noo 
    internet station coming from the Palace  you must have caught        it ?! sikment

L :    Well unless you tell me, Ms ?Ynnit, that the human race has          been given a stay of execution in being put out of its              interminable misery  after Ye-Olde-Farte and Kimmy Long-One          owned up to their secret love affair  
    or that Pat Riarchy is a dead duck now that Riarchy 
    has renounced Catholicism  and all children called Pat; 
    unless you can tell me that,  Ms ?Ynnit, then   !   well  

?Y :

L :  So what's the news ?   ! please advise pray

?Y :  well Gods been listening to my suplements afty all   I can't        believe it  cant believe you dunt know it  neither    
    it's  Ted    been given a night-hood-MBE    
    TED  !  for cristsake  i tell ya

L :   !?Bundy      ?      !   Rogers       

?Y :   Nah Sheerdan   stoopid!   Ted Sheerdan   !  got an MBE  ?didnt      it?    WAH!OO     u really !? aint 'erd  ?

L :    No. The Nursery Nonce wasn't delivered today due to inclement      weather

?Y :

L :   Look!, I'm really pleased    for you  of course   but before 
    you get too carried away, Kolee, I should warn you that your
    much admired 'MBE' is more malignant than you might give it          credit for;  it may not be all its cracked up to be 
    (and by this I don't mean some six-year-old recipient 
    going against protocol, stroking the Prince's cheek
    then inserting the insignia up somewhere insurmountable)

?Y :  i dont believ you Sik  !!  first of all  Prince was never 
    nighted  neitha dead nor alive   imho 
    and third he werent no royal thats for shirley   
    butt beside that i find your  attitude re royalty
    both specialy and in general  well   a tad disrespectful  tbph

L :    mmH!Mmm  of course  ?Y,  you do know what the akro MBE 
    actually stand for, I presume, and it's got abso nothing to do      with Ted Sheerdan being a 'Member'.
    But it is part & parcel of another story, a much bigger story, 
    a  personal  s

?Y :  well just shuthefukup!  and gerron'wi'it  then  
    I aint a clue as2wot yer bangin' on abutt   tbah
    so juss give us yer story  !will'ya  ?yeah       
    (s)O(!h) do tell  -  prey


       where  Sikment Loyne (Prof. )  tell  Kolee ?Ynnit ( Ms.)
                    the real meaning of  the MBE  
                                as well as  its   and his own  relationship  to Ted Sheerdon
                                                                                                             ( and  the  Doc  look  on  
                                                                                                           in case anything go wrong )

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