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Sunday, 26 February 2017

                                                                                                                 FEB 25  '16  
                                                                                                               Day 10    of  64

                                                                       RUTTING TOMATOES  

  Kolee ?Ynnit(ms)  &  Sikment Loyne(prof)  review  The Danish Girl

    When I watched  The Danish Girl,  I blubbered like a baby at that acceptance of                     difference  shared by the DG and 'his'  beautiful wife.  
    !How different to when I caught my partner Wayne in my pantyhose. 
    It turned out that he (Wayne) had a special 'zing' for wearing ladies' stockings, 
    going way back when, and not just when he was on jobs either.   
    To put it bluntly, issues of sexual contusion, paw sylph image perhaps, 
    fagmented personality to boot, what with all the joints he'd done.   
    And laddered tights really turned him on, y'know.  !Well that's why he was a roofer
    However, the times I actually saw him wearing my underwear, I didn't get the glossy 
    smile, the dewy eyes, the flick of the hair so resonant of the DanishGirl.   
    No ! All I got was  Pastry Boy,  as Wayne was to become known in our weird world. 
    You see, he'd punish me for catching him in my clothes by giving his 'patsy' a proper 
    'going over', a thorough pasting if you like,  Then he'd go out and buy a big bag of 
    stickly sweetcakes to get me to shutthefukup.     
    Of course it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that through the so-called corrective 
    unconscious these filmmakers were receiving 'clips' of me having my lights punched out       by PastryBoy  and this gave them the idea to dream up the story of  The Danish Girl.
    Now wouldn't? that be a turn up for the books
                                                                                                                       K ?Y(ms)


  Watched  The Danish Girl.
  Tried to stick penis twixt legs.
  Couldn't locate.

     SL (prof)




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