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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

where Kolee     prone                         and at home
                   get  her  own  back
                                                                                     (  in  a  manna  of  speek )

When  ?Ynnit texted Loyne         !  F  F  S    S     ffs     /    
                                                            u  and  me    some speek     !   
he was too technologically unsophisticated not to get turned on
he was too old to remember what could have reminded him
that she might have been   just might have been   takin' the piss. 
And  he was not quite old enough to forget that he didn't actually
have a mobile phone  
that Kolee had  of course  handed hers in   in the police amnesty.

!?   WTF                    ?       !

The consequence of Sikment speekin' his 
Freeky Filosofikal Sikologikal Shitbabble      F F S  S      ffs
to Kolee  was that she had then needed to have a lie down.   A longliedown.
During which she had, to all intents and poiposes, a  lietenment ,
pictures in her bonce so profound that this nonsey world  now seemed 
to make so much sense.
What Kolee saw was a crockish, mockGeorgian house, vaguely reminiscent of sumwhersumplacesumtyme.  Standing at the shushebbed, top-floor window
was a wowzing-woman beckoning to a line of old men oodling outside her front door.
Kolee, a peepish bystander to this street scene, watched these old men enter the beauty's house one by one and, some time later, leave by the same front door, one by one, rubbing their private parts, a smile on their faces, 
by all accounts, and tears of apparent joy rolling down their cheeks.
What Kolee clearly knew, of course, was that the old men had, one by one, walked into the wowzing-woman's upstairs bedroom, approached her with tentative touch   
-   here  Sikment show interest     sooooo  sweet   -
at which point, one by one, the old men had been maced in the face, 
grawled in the crotch, then kicked up the kaboolie  to boot by the gracefulOne           
-   here  Sikment feign interest     soooo   faint    -

  Of course     speak the professor later      two  points here,  Ms. ?Ynnit  
  1.  How?could you possibly know that that is the fate which befell 
  the old men in the house

  ?How could I not    Kolee reply

  2.       speek the professor  again  
  How?could you possibly know that your so-called   lietenment 
  was not, at the end of the day, merely a  destabilising dream

  ?How could I not    Kolee reply 


                                                                                    !   MMNM   !    / S.O.M

                                          Minkeys /Mykennel/Nitemynks/MkInyel  /  S.O.M 


        as Kolee's graspin' 
      of the psychopath
                            lead  her  up  the  garden  path


                    When  the  champion 
                                                      butt  crooked 
                         cyclist  be  labelled      a psychopath

         !?        we  wonder
                                            how  a   doer
                                                could  then  become  the  thing  on  which  they  do

taken from :
        A  Thesis  on  why  a  Sycopath   turn into  a  Sycle-path
                                                    ?Ynnit(ms)  //  
                                                                         Strongarm Wiggins
                                                                                                           Bike 'n Tina Turner
                                                                                                   IKE 'n TINE SLOM

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