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Friday, 24 February 2017

  FEB 20   '17   :      Day 9  of  64


    K ?Y(ms) : !oy  sik   innit  ?what was it u said  about the reel meenin of educashion   
                       when we were talkin onyt       somethin in its  favour  ?!werent it     !

      SL(prof) :  Well, at its core, in its most positive Latin root,  it means   to lead out 
                        Butt careful!,  Kol,  that's   educere   NOT    educare

               ?Y :                                                O rite    and so that refer to the teachas     yeah?  !              

                 L :                                                Not really !no,  well  yes   I  . .   suppose  .     .   
                         ! (H)mmm    However there is a general rule here, Kol, which is this: 
                         Grammatically, one thinks  CARE  rather than  CAR.                          

               ?Y :  So like with prem footballers  yer dont  buy the spoilt brats  feraris
                        but show 'em propa care, teach 'em  how to care,  propa  like

                        O  and  !yeah!  rite   butt   lead out    that also meen    eskort off the premeses    
                        duntit   !  ?

                 L :

               ?Y :  cuzz i tell ya  wy4 askin'      iv bin reedin abut all the shenazzigoons down at the                             local  comp    an it seems  the hole staff praktikly are bein  escorted off   .   .
                        bein'  'lead out'   of school    by the police  &  by the headman  who used2be
                        a copper hisself  wtf     ffs    ?just wots goinon these dayz   sik   ? !  dya  know

                 L :  Well, Kolee, in a nutshell:  The nutjobs sluiced their way into the very fabric of                             real education by decreeing that teachers could no longer pecan choose the form 
                        & content of their lessons. So, in an era of class disturbance, one was met with                               Mags'  EducationalReformAct,  which - Tories being Tories -  got mistook for                                   Educational Reform School.  wherein the  NationalCurriculum  be interpreted 
                        as National Correction, 
                        And, once the Lead Ofsted Inspector, Kris Metalhead,  declare that true                                         comprehensiveness only exist in schools south of Brighton,  that solid                                               woodworking be the benchmark of a progressive state, and that the art 
                        of cider-making be elevated to core subject status,  we're all on that rickety road 
                        to ruin. 
                        Butt ?how to repair a rickety road to ruin?! ?eh Kolee
                                                                                        well you call in the forces of   law'n order
                                                                                                                                     !dunchya   ?
                        To straiten things aht.   To straiten everyone aht.
                        And guess wh'appen to those who dunt wanna be  straitened aht  

              ?Y :                            they get shot

                L :   Well   not straight away maybe . .. .  !Oh I see  hm(M)m  how drole !   
                        Yes, they do indeed get shot  -  of the rads & reds   mmm   those radicals,                                       redoubtables, 'escorted off the premises'  if you like,  
                        led out   as you quite rightly say.

              ?Y :  so thats the reeson that offsted  become the fukoffsted then  ?                !

                L :  In a manner of speaking.

              ?Y :  Swot appen2  wayne  y'lnow.  he got told to fukoff.  sted of wastin everybodz time

                L :

              ?Y :  yeh - wayneykunt   !y'know   my . .  well,  you know 
                       fukker aplied for  job as  school caretaker  
                       at that local comp  innit    did not get it  mind  cuz  he spell like shit

                 L :  Always good not to bring such noble work into disrepute by taking on wretches                            like him.

              ?Y :  well  yeah  u say that    still they askd him if he were prepred to lower is sites
                       And aply for one of the many teachin posts there were   
                       and if that went tits up

                 L :           Hmm(M) !   If all else fail,  then a senior management role, naturally.
                                                               LULL               Or Ofsted,  if one is really scraping the barrel.
                                                      Though  no  mention of   T.A.  of course

                 ?Y :        !mm(M)m
                                 LOL    nah                Gratitude was rather thin on the ground that day .
                                                                  (In a manner of speaking.)




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