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Saturday, 11 March 2017

(skittin' on)
             THE  DOCK  OF  THE  BRAE

                         by Otis Mykennel

      Here's another number for ya ! yer stupidfukkers: 

When Nostlikeymen got up a head of steam and exclaimed to an obliferous audience  

the 11th  Key Number  ( 69 )   of  seventeen supposed KeyNumbers, we are left to consider the relevance of such numbers.
Well, let's start with number  69  shall we ?!  and why ever not:

The unfolding story of TheGiroSisters (Susan/Anna), Tony Vivaldi, Sikment Loyne, 
Kolee ?Ynnit(ms), Susan ?Ynnit (Kolee's daughter), Wayne (Kolee's ex ), 
Nostlikeymen (tosomeextent), take place, essentially, over two distinct, calendar years
separated by three stinking centuries : 2017  &  1717
Within the calendar year of 2017 - and 1717 too ?!who knows - there are 64  Key Dates, as we now understand. In 2016, the prelewd to events of 2017, there are a further FOUR Key Dates of which we need to take note : August 7 (NationalSistersDay); 
December 7 (Kolee&SikDay); December 31/January1/2017 ( Susan ?Ynnit's last days.)
And there be one extra, as yet undisclosed, KeyDate which happen in 2018, the postlewd 
to events of 2017.
All of which add up (of course) to   69.
The  11th  Key Number.
As previous disgust.

                                            KEY  NUMBERS   12 & 13





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