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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lance Formaggioso

b   16.10.1661

d   17.01.1720

In 1717, Lance Formaggioso became the first epidemiologist to work out
the link between mosquitoes and malaria .
Given that Lance's middle name was Maria  - a cheesy girl's name
which made him see red -  and that he was commonly known as  La Maria -
it was an obvious leap from there to the study of  MaLaria
( and the  'little fellas' )
It was a less obvious leap for him to celebrate his discovery of the
malaria - Culicidae  connection with an alfresco, candlelit dinner for thousands 
on a clammy, summer's evening in the Mantuan swamplands.
He died just two short years later when he remained estranged from his wife 
(Rosa Mosqueta) and his daughter ( Susan.)


b   sumtyme in the futurpassd

d   ! LOL

n ?1717/1718?  Nostlikeymen acheved infamie inn  The Candelabra Scandal ( a.k.a  The Scandelabra ), inn inncidents innvolving Susan Giro'(amongste otheres) at NewYearesLoste&FoundlingeBash 
@ The PietaFesta, Venice Northewater; here thepN dribbel on about 
(his) visione o'TheNooSiteeinnTheWeste     GrandeSerenitee 
In ?2016/2017?, in TheDiscombobulationOfKelostemyInn, He achieve
further infamy, in incidents involving Susan Giro' (amongst others),
forewhiche he know much more than he be prepared to foretell.
Now as before (probably), theprophetNostlikeymen can go(e) by other names such(e) as Tynkelmonies

Susan Giro'  ( Susan G )

b   16 ??

d   ????

spectre,spook,supernatural,seraph,sprite,sprightliness,sparklehorse,scenesteeler,stirrer,striving stuff,stunt,spunk,stoutheart,substance(or lack of it)

1717 :  Windowe Childe  /  Anna Giro''s  'systa'
            Strangely (perhaps), she had a growing interest in and knowledge of the 
            mozzie -malaria link.

2017 :  Wind Girl          /     Kolee ?Ynnit's 'sista'

Anna Giro'/Giraud   ( La Mantovana - The Mantuan Girl )

b    ?1700/1701?

d    17 ??

Susan G''s 'halfe-systa' 

Prima-donna-mezzo-soprano noted for her close collaboration(s) with Antonio Vivaldi,
in whose household both Anna and Susan resided.
The nature of this triangular relationship has been the source of keen speculation.

Antonio (Tony) Vivaldi

b    04.03.1678

d    28.07.1741

Venetian Baroque composer known as   Il Prete Rosso   ( in more ways than one )

Key numbers :   4   8   17   &  500   ( in more ways than one )

Close association with  telephones on 'hold', clocks,  hotel lifts, web browsers, potatoes,  
the Giro' girls.


RhineRik Baumeister

b   21.3.1833

d   15.2.1917

German engineer and urbane planner RR Baumeister shot to infamy with his 

Venice-Mantua Trench Farago (The VMTF)  during  The Grape War  in 1917; 
leading him to co-author ( with RoberToto Traliccio ) one of the earliest texts 
on such subject matter :  ! The Ragged-Trousered Planner's Pissed 
As he lay on his deathtrench, Baumeister foresaw/forswore 
a  New City  in The West,  built alonge the lines of  V-trenches and  H-trenches, 
a(n) NC  that wood be  the envie of Manny  
(ref. prob. to Manny Fiesta, Jewish-Italian planner&rival.)
Weirdly( or not), construction on   The-Discombobulation-of-Kelostemy-Inn started that very day, nearing completion ANY-TIME-SOON ;  a 'curiosity' that would have had RRB swearing under his sawbreath in an instant.

Sikment Loyne  (prof.)

b     N/a

d     N/a

!Nefariously anxious.
About himself.
About Kolee ?Ynnit (ms.)
About Susan ?Ynnit       &   Susan Giro.
About the essential collapse of TheWesternWorld.

Susan ?Ynnit

b   01.01.2000

d   01.01. 2017  (circled)

Susan was the daughter of Kolee ?Ynnit (ms)
and Wayne Wax, in a half-assed kinda way;
parents she referred to as  Bitchy & Scratchy

Susan's birth and death, as for Mark Twain, carried certain

celestial significance, if not quite as literal.

She died at a knife-throwing party held to celebrate the
17th anniversary of The Millennium. 

Susan Tinny


Kolee ?Ynnit (Ms.)

B:     38.05.83

D:     at various points of her life, pretty much, especially
         meating Wane, being dumped by her councillor (SikmentLoyne),
         and having to witness the passing of her daughter Susan.

Altered her name a few times ;
most importantly when she went from  Kylie  to  Kolee
by *dead poll*,  on discovering that Kylie Minogue is actually Australian.  

* to change one's name by 'dead  poll' 
 As by deed poll, butt with the involvement of a passed parrot.

Kolee Wax

No information available

Wayne  Wax

b      ?         ?
d         ?   ?

Troubled/troublesome ex-partner of K?Y(ms.)  //  Doesnawannabe dad of  Susan ?Y  ///   N O I K    (various)

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