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Friday, 3 March 2017

     MARCH 4th  2017  :     DAY 11  of  64 KEY DATES      literally writ in stone

( and ) where Kolee ?Ynnit(ms) find herself at the docks ( again)
                                  only to be told by Justice Beak to   getthefuckoutta(t)here  
                                                                                                         before he bang her in the can     ( again  )


 On  Day-11-of-the-64-Key-Dates-of-2017  Professor Sikment Loyne found himself 

in the bathtub with, for company, just a well-known/popular, organisational bath sponge, 
and a not-quite-so-well-known/less popular laptop.
Having a sponge-askance laptop in the bath powered via an extension cable might not have been the professor's soundest idea ever butt then, as he was often heard to say, an electrically-driven bath IS, for want of a better experiment, all it's crack(l)ed up to be.         ! Lol     ?
Loyne could have contacted her (Kolee?Ynnit(ms.)((of course)) ) by mobile phone. 
Except for the nosmallmatter that Loyne for ever refused to carry one - ?remember - 
and ?Ynnit's was still in the inquisitive hands of the police - ??remember
So when Sikment's soaksnooze was suddenly arrested by a sultry German Oompah ringtone, the professor was as startled as anyone, conveying this surprise to Kolee, naturally,  
firstly via a pre-flurry of flowery farrago, furthering to a fuller flurry of fosphorescent fandango.

Ms ?Ynnit's initial mailed response to Prof. Loyne pretty muche hit the nail on the head 

( in a conducive2earlymorningyogakindaway ); it was as enigmatic as it was electric :

              ? WTF  !   U dreem abut   german-umpah  2 **    f f s   !?

setting the tone   and the scene    for subsequent   succinctnailheading     pretty muche

               ! im  goin'   to   see wayne sleep   soon   actualy


              shows u wot u know  then    prof    innit  !



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