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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Mr Simon

! It's all very well to make fart gags at my expense.
But(t) you're really scraping the barrel with this one.
And it really doesn't become you  -  someone who has ploughed
their way pretty successfully since our split - to take the piss out 
of an old-friend-and-music-partner (Me), who hasn't reached 
your heights, and who's had to content himself with the scraps 
of writing a shit song for a shit film about shit rabbits, 
and ultimately trying to make ends meet working his ass off 
for  an on-line - One-Stop-Tie-Shop.

That's the sum of what I have to say, Mr. Simon.

( Oh !there's a light flashing, which means a potential customer  . ..     .
  Sorry  .   . !got to dash .      .    .  sorry  .       .

                                           !BUY TIES

   BUY ! TIES, BROWN  AND  .  ...    .

                 . .. Oh ! dammshit they've gone   )




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