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Monday, 25 July 2016

                           GARDENERS   WILLED

   -  Do you have something to tell me, Kolee, about your latest project ?

   -  No Sikment   ! I aint  actually

   -  So there is no narrative development here then, K.. with your previously walled (in) gardeners            becoming  willed  gardeners, on their consequential demise.


  -   All of which leave rather a sour taste in the mouth, do you not agree, ?Ms. ?Ynnit


Dear Ms ?Ynnit

my brother and me we been gardeners for quite a long time now. it was something we were determined to be and so it has been       so.
nevertheless we get a bit pissed with folk telling us what to do, where to be
howto do it, when to go  bla-de-bla   !!
Dont  ?  !  you just feel sometimes you want people to just leave you
alone. eh, Ms?Y ; don't you ?
All best

will  & will gardener

       (Dear w gardeners )


        ( K ?Y (ms.)   )

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