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Sunday, 24 July 2016

      how Professor Sikment Loyne learn from Kolee ?Ynnit (ms.)

  why it is precisely that wellington boots 
                          never stand erect when we take them off out feet

  -  ..  and thats how it is  Sikment /  im realy surprised you never thought it

      that way before   ?  !  innit

  -  It's an astounding theory, Kolee, I will say that,  particularly when you argue that            typically it is the left wellington boot which struggle most to stand erect. 

       I would say, however, that your statistical sample  - you and I  in effect  - 
       may be just a tad narrow.
       Furthermore, as you know, most people's inclination is towards the right, as the 
       current political climate would indicate  (lol  ), though I presume, of course, that you
       will have taken all of that into account, alongside forces, movement, equilibrium, 
       and all-that-jazz . .


  -   . ..   Ms.?Ynnit  .         .        .


  -  Yes  Sikment thanks.  now just shut the fuk ! up and lissen  .    .. 

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