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Sunday, 24 July 2016

                                Thing of Beauty

He had wanted to tell her 
                                          how privileged       he felt 
                                                                                      to have known her,

   but his lack of education 
his shocking sense of direction

                                            meant that  privilege 
                                                          end on a   privy ledge                                   
                                      of a public menace

                                     who lived next door, 
    in  The Roundabout Flats 
                                                                         upon the 17th floor.

              Standing on that ledge, 
                                       he thought he spotted her 
                                                                                   on the pavement below.

                                                 Not one to forget his manners, 
                    he resolved to go 
                                                                                                             and say hello .



-  WTF  !  !  ?    innnit  ? !     Why ?you still writin' stuff like that about u and me       !

 -  Look !Kolee  it's allegorical, metaphorical,  you don't need to take everything so literally


 -  All I wanted to say  .   .. 

-  Oh I know what you wanted to say ;  get me all exsited so you can have your wicked way

    wiv I  ..  .  but wot i dunt get, why dew hav to to do it in a bog              ?   !    innit

-  Sorry ! Kolee,  I have absolutely no . .

-  NO !!Sik  its prety obviamente to me , that this geeza is using that nextdoorgeezas bog

   even tho' theres a publik loo close by   -aparente    - and  theres 17 floors  ?yeah   on   
   a bleedin' roundabout spinnin' like fukin' zebadee on mushes and  well  no wonder  ! this   
   geeza loses is balanse and  ends up back on the bog  ,  pukin' up sindood       (  ?  ! innit  )

-  So that's your evaluation of   my ..   .     .   of  that  piece    then  ?  !


-  Is that what you really think   ?


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