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Monday, 7 August 2017




                                              Charles, Burl & Terry Ives
                                                                         The Unanswered Christian


     Deer CBT Ives,
     Thanks for submiting your review of The 4 Susans Farrango,
     @ Centrala-in-Birmingham, yesterday,Monday,
     Unfortunetly its literally not realy up our street,
     and/or to the quality demanded by most of my many publications,      so we won't be able to use it this time,
     So !thanks butt !!no 
     thanks anyhoo 


            Rupert Murdock


        Dear Mr Morduck,

            !Try this for size, please

               Review of  Four Susans  farrango, Monday, August 7, Centrala, 


                    Tosspriks off the street
         could have done better                    than this load of old cobblers


              Very best wishes,

      CBT Ives


     FAO: Mydeer  CBT Ives

     Well   !G'day cobber 
     DoubleLOL !no bother

         M x



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