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Wednesday, 23 August 2017



    SL:   So ?!wots all this about tryin' to fundraise for  the project ( THE 4 SUSANS ) 
             with a UB40-stylee karaoke

 K?Y:   Well, Sikment, UB40  are Japanese  and karaoke originated in Birmingham, 
             so it all fits neatly together really like a glove   s  t  s

    SL:    Your sure ? about that


   SL:   Well, in that case, i'd like to be one 
            of the first to volunteer my services.
            I'm a bit-of-a-UB40 nut as it goes

K?Y:   Yes. We all remember only too well your moist sad rendition of  ! RedRedWhine

   SL:   O(h)! yes   tho'  that should read  RedRedWINE  naturally       lol

K?Y:   No it shouldn't  !  Don't forget, Sik, we've all heard you sing  ( lol ).



                                                                                                              P.C. Riojas
                                                                                                                          Sainsbury PortaPlod
                                                                                                                          Campbell Alley
                                                                                                 (name & address withheld )

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