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Friday, 25 August 2017


          (s)he  hang  head  in  shame                         with  hi-koos
                                  butt  ex-plane
                                    in       bro  ken              japanoose

    SIK                                                KEN                               KOL
    KOL                                                                                      KEN                                                  SIK

    -                          ! do not forsake me           in    silence
                   butt drinke   four  Sake'
                                                                         to    suche  absinthe




                    Absinthe make the Fart grow stronger

     I could say that people were so pissed when I assumed power
     that by the time they'd sobered up it was too late.
     The truth of the matter is, however, that power is borne of Money.
     I come from Money:
     Money that has no scrooples about how It has been acoomalated;
     and I've gone on to acoomalate even more Money with just as few
                          DonaldTrump's batman
                                                           speaking for


                                        !Robin' bastard


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