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Thursday, 17 August 2017

     !   ?     WHATS IT ALL ABOUT,  SIK   !          ?                             (  2 )

   Dear Professor Loyne ( name & address withheld ) 

 My understanding of THE FOUR SUSANS project and the four   constraints put on the four sets of muso-composers and,  consequentially, the four sets  of viz-artistes, is as follows:

 The musicians were asked to work within four given criteria 
 - see Koo, Aug 12                
 Taking these conditions into account, and placing them within a  pseudo-math frame, we formulated four further butt 
 appropriately-related constraints within which the visual artists  would operate.
  - see Koo, Aug 12  also.

 In a nutshell, this is what I have construed from all that  schamuddle:

 There will be  4 artists
each of whom will have  to create one piece of work

and each artist will be given a compass point, a temperament and
an element as their own references, but(t) all share the season of Winter. (This is because of where we are now in the story, in the year, in the project.) These (compass point, temperament, element and winter)can be reflected in the work  however the artist may choose.  eg North =compass point; temperament=Choleric; element= Fire; Season=Winter

There will be 4 components to the work.

1. The Variable component of the artist's work will include reference to Vivaldi and the work of one other 4Susans visual artist
and it will embrace form and content.
eg  Vivaldi and Artist North (for Oken Metylsin)

2&3.Two further components, an 'Easy' and a 'Difficult'
one expresses Form, the other Content;  
one 5 & 7; the other 17;
one 'temperament', the other 'element'
one the artist may find 'easy' the other 'difficult'.
eg the artist may choose something/a technique or style that he/she
finds 'easy', and express 5 and 7 within that, and the given temperament using Form.
Therefore leaving the Content part of the component to embrace 17,
and given element and what the artist may consider as difficult to depict.

4.'Constant' component.
 WINTER;this also embraces both Form and Content.

So, as I understand it, be it correct or not, is like this;

If that aint it, in a fair sized nutshell, then I dunno wtf's goin on!!!



Kolee Me'Tin(n)ks


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