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Wednesday, 30 August 2017


 -    So ?!  Kelostemy Inn has 289 districts   You're having a fucking larf  aren't?you ,  
        Ms ?Ynnit

 -     It's very straightforward!, Professor    Seventeen squared.   Always thus was.

-     ?And what names are we to know them by then ,  these districts

-     Well their  original names  were changed of course.   So, for example :

                             ORIG NAME                                NEW NAME

                        Eaglestone                 Min/Nim  Eyklstone

                     Tongwell                      Slo-Tyme Nekin

                 Bradwell Abbey                 Ye Silent Monk

                    Monkston                      Stone ! My Nikel

                   Heelands                      Nnyk  Slimetoe

                  Two Mile Ash                  Miles Keynnto' & 
                                                       The Oke'nnElm Sity

                    Wymbush                         Onen Mesyklit

                   Fishermead                      K. Minnteysole

                 Conniburrow                     Ey-list Konmen

              TinkerBloo Bridge               Meletonin Sky

               Stacey Bushes            Elmoke Stinny

           Willen (Lake)          Yen T Monileks   

           Springfield            Synn Koilmeet

            Kents Hill            Moley's in Kent

           Stantonbury            Knit'en Soylem

           Fuller Slade           Lenk Emtinoys

            Brinklow                Lo-Stink Meeny

 -    Perfectly fine I'm sure.  Seventeen examples   !hmm(M)m
       Tho' what about? the other 272, I wonder

 -    O!h that's straightforward enough. You see each and every district
       squares itself;  into some sort of mathematical submission.


 -    Seventeen  districts  composed of  seventeen  departments.
        Like the French.  Butt not like the French   if you get me drift.
       !O(h)  keep up  Professor, please

 -   And how ?! might they be identified might one ask,
       these district-departments,  these  johnlewis-begat-johnlewises


 -   289 names  ?Ms ?Ynnit

  -   Well again, straightforward enough.  To give you a precise example :
      Ye Silent Monk 2    then   Y S M 3     5     7     11     13     17     etc/etal

 -   A prime example indeed, Ms. ?Ynnit


 -   Well  Stone ! My Nikel

 -   Yes,  that too.



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