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Friday, 4 August 2017

  SL (Prof) :  ?! Wood u like me to instrukt U how the day pan out artistikly, on August 7

  K?Y(Ms) :   So, let ! me get this straight, Sikment   You are going to be like one of those  
                        TEFAL  teachers  who try to get the foreign children to learn English 
                     when all they've really come over to the UK  for  is to get laid.

  SL           :   T E F L  I  think you meen  kol       TEFAL  is a make of cooking utensil

  K?Y        :   !Exactly 

  SL           :   So shal  ?   i take that as a  YES  then    & tellU  abutt  the August 7  prog  
                    ( then )   !

  K?Y       :   No.

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