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Thursday, 17 August 2017

?  !         WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT,  SIK  ?               !                            ( 1 )


   SL :     I'm writing to you, Ms ?Ynnit, because I'm so well aware of the 
              present confusion  surrounding  The Four Susans'  farango;
              i.e. the nature of the imposed  FOUR VISUAL CONSTRAINTS
              in relation to  the previous  FOUR MUSICAL CONSTRAINTS.

 K?Y :

   SL :    So I thought this-hole-kaboodle might need some  elaboration.


 K?Y :  


    SL:    So, anyhoo,  here goes:
             ?!What's it all mean, Kolee, eh?

             Seriously,  I mean  ' ?what's it all mean'



  K?Y :  


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