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Friday, 22 June 2012

                             HOL Y ! SKUNK
! Apology
We'd like to apologise for yesterday's misprint.
The headline should have read:
                           TheKammerleg can only dream of topping the  polls
and NOT!!
                                . . . .      .  .   .         .                     topping the Poles
We might add that allegations that  TheKammerleg  are planning a wanton killing spree
in Poland after getting mixed up with   ' Warsaw Packed '  ( see Tues. May 1)
are entirely erroneous. . ...
As are the vicious rumours that this dastardly act would fit with government policy to restrict
Eastern European migrant labour. . . . 
And the ludicrous suggestion that such nefarious activity falls within Roman Abramovich's 
master plan to extend Chelski's empire within Greater Russia .. . .   well !!! 
                                                                                                                                           !sorry anyhoo !


                             !OMILY SKINT !                  21.6.12  
            im kilkil Polski
                                          kim-somnyk Kemelek !

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