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Friday, 22 June 2012

                                    ! OMILY  SKINT                           22.6.12

                                              im kilkil  !kemelek
                           somnit  Joeybarton

look     i litraly read the newspapers        like   
an i red wot the   Kamerleg was aimin 2do with all them     yer know   like
and i append to be in the polandandUkrane on me hols               like
so i put too & too together        it felt a bit odd       but i did the bizness        like
i meen how woz i to know wot i read   wernt what i red        like
and i no theres some peeple who dont beleive  what they read in the papers      like
but i aint one of them   ? !    if ya know whot i mean         like

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