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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jean Hackman    in conversations with    anyone who care to listen                   which really mean   . .  .   . . . 

 . . .I suppose you could call it my   Koo period      When everything I drew or painted had something to do with Koo      Largely because I was so traumatised by what happened to Koo on that dreadful night
And by what I witnessed . . .

...  It was really my progression from   Outsider Art  to   Alzheimer  Art   
You know,  you forget everyone who ever told you to forget all about being an artist . ..

. .  I still like to think of myself as a "crafty" person, but knitting is . . has ..  there's just too much pain wrapped up with it      My paintings, my drawings on the other hand,  now that's what I consider my  real  art
I mean everyone has a right to make connection  ?don't they   and I guess that's where I  .   I  ..   well, y'know.. 

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