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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jean Hackman     in contradiction to      most of the things she's ever said                   if she remembered what they were

.. I dunno   I mean why? do people win  The Turner Prize       for producing art way ahead of its time   ?
or perhaps because they sign their name to their work in such a way that their signature looks more like the title   ? ? 
?  who knows,  really? ... .

.  . Of course there are those vicious tongues that dispute that it's my work at all   
suggesting that I'm not the eponymous creator of     of   Jeanius   after all       but rather the target  of someone else's gift      There's another school of thought that says anyone could have done it,  and it just 'happened' they called it
Hackman,  !god knows why           I mean even Joey Barton's name's been touted  . . 

 ...  The thread on which hangs Koo's severed head ?        Well,  yes ,  that  could  represent the knitter in me I suppose
Equally  the shape of the thread could symbolise  ME  !  ME   coming out of Koo like some        Oh I dunno   
I just can't         It's really so painful,  just too painful .  ..  .    

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