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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

     Endgame:  How mistaking a pheasant for a train meant I'd waste a lot of time
                   and how mistaking a train for a pheasant meant I'd no more time to waste

                                          I stand at railway gate.
                       A pheasant croak ;  it sound like the train.
                                                         I wait.
                                       I stand on railway moss.
                      A train croak ;  it sound like the pheasant.
                                                        I cross.
     Monkey St. line

Warren Street
There was this rabbit called  Bunny  right?
who had this really nasty habit of rodgerin other rabbits 'fore eatin 'em.
So all the rabbits left in the world  ?right
( ! and there weren't so many of 'em at this point )
got together to decide on a common course of action.
They agreed to hide down these two fuckin enormous parallel tunnels,?right
and that's what they jolly well did.
Well, one of these tunnels was signed  main  right?
and the other was marked  alternative ;
the rabbits had to choose which one to go down  right?
Well, 95% of them (! %95) chose the  main tunnel
'cept it should of said  MAINS!! - fuckin had rubbed off  ?right
So the lead rabbit was well and truly frazzled,
but because they're all in line, givin it this, givin it that (like rabbits), ?right
they pass 10,000 volts from head to butt - !edbutedbutedbut!  
while fire spread like a dose of fuckin salts, right?
Well, it's  King's Cross  all over again, ?aint it !
(despite an obvious lack of tube trains!)
Which left 1 in 20 rabbits to face Bunny  right?
who decreed
that their  alternative tunnel ?right
was NOT the fuckin alternative ! it used to be

Warren St.  line

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